Rebooting the New Worlds Project ASBL's flagship New Worlds Project RPG
The New Worlds Project's RPG, launched in 2003, became the inspiration behind the New Worlds Project ASBL. Due to time constraints from leading administrators, the initiative has stumbled in recent years with very little activity recorded on the websites. 10 years after the public launch of New Worlds Project RPG, the New Worlds Project ASBL's leadership is embarking on an attempt to reboot the initiative with the objective to relaunch a new website and restart activities in the summer of 2013.

As part of the initiative, the New Worlds Project ASBL's own governance structures and operating framework will be brought back online to underpin the governance of the New Worlds Project RPG. Check this space for further information or contact us if you want to support us in making this new venture to build creative communities!

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 NWP to present to the Cuenca Foundation 2016
New Worlds Project ASBL has kindly accepted the invitation of the Cuenca Foundation 2016 to participate in a workshop taking place on the 6th and 7th September 2010. The workshop will be looking at ways in which cultural operators from across Europe can support their efforts to turn Cuenca into one of Europe's Capitals of Culture.

Kim Smouter, Executive Director for New Worlds Project ASBL, will be attending the workshop as New Worlds Project's representative where he will be tasked with transmitting our Europe 2060 project concept.

Europe 2060 is a project idea which will bring writers, visual artists, and musicians together in a multi-media forecast of Europe's future half-a-century from now. It will offer participants an exciting opportunity to consider Europe's future in many different ways, allowing European artists to consider the future of the EU and the continent.

We are excited about this opportunity to take New Worlds Project's work to a wide European audience and are hopeful that this may lead to a bid for funding under the EU's Culture Programme 2007-2013.

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 Seeking Culture 2007-2013 Project Partners
The European Union has launched its Culture Programme 2007-2013 offering funding opportunities for projects using digital mediums. New Worlds Project is keen to share its expertise in the field of collaborative creative writing. We believe the methods we have developed can help advance European cultural objectives.

We're looking for partners to join us as we prepare two project bids. Anyone interested is invited to contact us using our general e-mail address info(at)

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