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xkal hegemony

Census Details

Major Species: Xkal
Territory: 2 star systems
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


The Xkal Hegemony is a group of planets under the overall command of the Xkal Homeworld that have banded together for mutual security and protection.

The non-Xkal planets under the protection of the Hegemony have large Xkal minorities who are vocal in their support for the Hegemony's control.

 There are also several planets that do not boast any minority of Xkal and have signed up with the Hegemony for their own protection from more ruthless powers and to stay firmly out of the way of galactic events so that they can develop their own worlds.

Current Government Type:

Unlike most of the powers in the former territories, the Xkal Hegemony is fiercely secular.

It is a point of pride for the Xkal that their motivations are practical and economic, rather than being religiously motivated.

It has imparted a certain arrogance on the Xkal people against those who believe.

The Hegemony is ruled by a parliament and a Prime Minister.

Social, Economic, Cultural Details:

Unlike a majority of the states in the Former Territories of the Natashan Nation, the Xkal Hegemony does not boast a religion.

 Scarred by the religious practices of the Natashan, the Xkal have foresaken any belief in divine powers in favour of the belief that they control their own destinies and receive from life that which they put in.

There are few levels of Xkal society, the protectorates of the Hegemony are all equal beneath the authority of Xkal which the protectorates agree to.

Military Details:

The Xkal Protection Force (the Xal-Xator) is a medium sized force of starships capable of ably defending the Hegemony and its protectorates.

 With a large quantity of its military resources deployed near the border with the Fra'Al, the surrounding powers that the Hegemony are required to deal with are few in numbers. The Xkal do not have the ability to fight the Fra'Al offensively.

However, they are capable of defending themselves. Xkal ships can be visually identified as they are black, angular, and flat ships painted with gold lining.

Additional Details:
Xkal are roughly humanoid with stocky, short bodies and long legs that put them on rough par in height with an average human. Their skin is obsidian black, and their eyes are gold and pupil-less, giving them the impression of looking like statues. Xkal have no nose and very small ears. They also have no hair.

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