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As with their Gohorn counterparts, the economies of the Ventaars are dedicated to the continuation of the military industrial complex.

The military rules a Ventaar's life, in much the same way as it does in the Gohorn Directorate. Much of the Ventaar economy's production is dedicated towards production of military hardware. However, lacking the desire for expansion of their male-dominated Gohorn brothers, the Ventaar military is orientated primarily to defence of existing Ventaar colonies.

 A strong, female dominated Admiralty exists, who command and control the military and exert great influence over their colleagues in government.

Widely considered the most diverse and effective fighting force the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds has to offer, the Ventaars make up for their economic short-comings as a strong bulwark of the Confederacy through their military might.

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