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21st Century Origins

Terra Publishing is the oldest media company in the TDR. It originated as three entities, Global Video Systems, Archipelago Publishing and The Pan-Euro Music Publishing Company. Each was founded in the early 2000's and gradually became significant players in their industries, however, each could not crack the upper echelons held by the media mega corporations.

Early in 2109, Josef Hagaar foresaw the unification of Earth under a single government and the possibility of Earth expanding it's influence into the space around them and started The Sol Media Corporation with divisions in music, print and electronic print, as well as video channels and entertainment vids. He was prescient about the unification of earth, but not so much in business, The Sol Media Corp. was not growing, it was in fact, it was described as floundering.

Merger and growth as a mega-corporation

In 2113, Harold Sykes bought the new media company and promptly approached Global, Archipelago and Pan-Euro about consolidation, after 2 years of study and negotiations, the four entities merged into the new Terran Publishing Inc. in 2115. the new company now with the combined resources of the three formidable companies before quickly, attained mega corporation status and continued to become one of the premier organizations in their markets.

Throughout the rest of the 2100's and continuing on until the founding of The OIP in 2407. TPI grew into an enterprise in the newly discovered galactic markets. In that year (2407) Terran Publishing Inc. becomes the first Terran Company to charter under the OIP Commerce Protocols.

 The company also made history by expanding into non-TDR areas with the placing of several production and warehousing, as well as distribution plants in The LMC, The Gohorn Directorate, The Rosebourg Monarchy, as well as several smaller placements in The Neutral Worlds.

Recent developments

Sometimes referred to as the First Galactic Corporation, TPI as it is known has run afoul of several organizations in the TDR. Recently, the current CEO of TPI announced the intent of the corporation to remain subject to OIP Protocols and restating the intent to keep the headquarters on Nuribis, effectively declaring the corporation as galactic rather than TDR.

This has raised eyebrows in the original home of the TPI, but also realized Josef Hagaar's dream of a far flung media empire.

TPI has 6 Divisions and recently added a news reporting service to its roster.


This article was originally proposed by a creative writing project team member: Glenn Gregory.

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