The Natashan Nation

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The great fallen empire

In 1967, Earth calendar, the Natashan Nation collapsed. This was not a small, controlled fizzle as an empire over-extended itself and collapsed over time. It was a collapse born from fire. The destruction of the Natashan core system, Laaaaa'Tooooo was completely unexpected. In the space of 14.2 minutes, the Natashan Nation disappeared. A large, oppressive power ruled by religious zealots obsessed with their own superiority was gone.

What do we do now? was a question that would obsess the shocked former subjects of the Nation for 50 years. Some worlds celebrated, some worlds refused to accept the disappearance of their former masters. But one thing was certain, across the space formally controlled by the Natashan Nation, throughout which dissent had already been at its highest level, the indigenous populations were rising up to cast off the yoke imposed upon them by the Natashans.

The surviving Natashan people

The Natashan people remained. Those outside the blast radius of the Shree'Tran'Tral disaster lamented the loss of their homeworld, and their former glory. Not only had all the Empeks been killed, the original tablets were destroyed.

Some Natashans turned to anarchy, their entire lives destroyed. Some took it as a sign that the gods were asking the Natashan people to grow away from them, and thus did so. Others still believed it was a plot orchestrated by the alien dissidents, and thus the Nation should rise to power once again.

With colony worlds celebrating their new found freedom, and the Natashans more divided than ever, a new balance of power emerged after two centuries of wars as juvenile races, who had in their life time not been able to govern themselves, found they had the burden of self-rule.

No clear successor to the Natashan Nation

The Empek Legacy has echoed through the centuries, and it should never be forgotten that the Nation's past (and therefore, its future) is totally defined by the Empek Ring. Empires have risen in place of the Nation, their borders chaotic as every inhabited world dashed to control as much as possible.

Some powers are more important than others; some of them are even more oppressive than the Natashans were. Since nature abhors a vacuum, the vacuum of power in the Natashan Nation has been filled by all the people the Natashans once tried to conquer, and those Natashans who either wish to return to the old ways, or are amongst the progressive factions who believe that a change in the system is the only way to ensure the continued survival of the Natashan people as a race.

The political and social dynamics of the Nation will continue to be affected by one cataclysmic event from the Earth year 1967.

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