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Census Details

Homeworlds: Esau, Antilles, and Kapol (under Gohorn rule)
Major Species: Buhaat
Territory: All are currently under Gohorn rule star systems
Population: 120,000 inhabitants
Established: 01/1/2516
Sub-Faction: Yes

Comparative Details

Relatively good military, espionage has increased, masters of sabotage.
Small size, Not enough resources, dependent on funding
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details

Made 30 years after a secret war with the Gohorn Directorate, the Conglomerate was created to redeem the former glory of the monarchy. 
While not accepted as a faction, being mainly small and having no real control over any planets, it does serve as a great source of military capability, albeit not as impressive.
It serves as a rebellion against the Gohorn, and offers those who've lost their home world a chance to gain revenge.

Currently, it relies on funding from other nations, and species to continue its fight.

Relationship with other factions:
-Gohorn is strictly an enemy after being one of the biggest factors in the Old Buhaat Monarchy's downfall. 
-The Rosebourg Monarchy and the Terran Democratic Republic are currently working with the BC to help fight the Gohorn.
-LMC also helps, but only on food and other necessities.
Notable Personalities:
-Leader: Vidus Zajik
-Veteran: Kuzon Corelli
-Would-Be Ruler: Inana Toffin

Current Government Type:
-Grand Minister (temporary)
-First Commander (Leads full-scale military operations)
-Second Commander
-Third Commander
-Buhaat Congress (Very small)

Historical Details:
Not much known, thanks to the Gohorn censoring any information about their history.

But we do know they  were established sometime in the 1970s as a monarchy.
Artifacts suggest a somewhat utopian (although not perfect) society, where everyone had a sense of purpose.
Later on, in 2486, a war broke out that caused a mass genocide of the Buhaat people. For unknown reasons, the Gohorn kept it quiet. 

Soon, a new resistance group formed to compete & try to win back territory, led by activist, Vidus Zajik, had risen 28 years later.
The next 2 years saw the full establishment of the Conglomerate.
Social, Economic, Cultural Details:
While they strive to continue the Monarchy, they barely show any resemblance to the Old Buhaat.
They are full military, training from the time they are 24 (pre-teen in Buhaat years). Every ship is salvaged and don't resemble any Buhaat vessel (some are actually authentic, but outdated & broken). In many ways, they've lost some of their identity along the way, becoming more like the Gohorns if anything.

They rely on contributions from other factions to keep themselves alive. Food, ships, everything is donated. Their economy is actually nonexistent, being unable to, as they focus on rebellion.

Most Buhaat believe that everybody is family. In fact, the word "Buhaat" means family. It doesn't matter if related or not, they are family to them. This camaraderie helps them achieve great things, making them extremely dangerous to the Gohorn in some way or another.
Military Details:
There are two divisions that define the military

-New Buhaat Militia( the main army)
-Seventh Order( Secret to everyone but the seven members)

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Creator’s Notes:
Accompanying the future "Silver Star" project

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