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Gohorn Directorate

Census Details

Homeworlds: Gohorn Prime
Major Species: Gohorns, 9 additional subjugated species
Territory: 182 star systems
Population: 1.546 trillion inhabitants
Established: 2059
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Powerful army, balanced economy, confident and nationalist society
Poorly perceived by other factions, prideful and principled to a fault
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


Whilst the Gohorns were unified under Chief Frantras in 1868, civil war and strife continued intermittently until 1940. Only in 2059, upon the colonisation of their star system, did the Gohorn Directorate in its current form take shape.

Expansion across space relatively unchecked ensued, with the Gohorns selectively choosing to go to war with a number of species, many as a result of perceived direct threats to the Directorate. In the 2200s, a major war was undertaken against the Noth, an alien species which were preying on Gohorn trade and commerce vessels. The Noth’s assassination of the Gohorn Chief led to a deep cultural mistrust and hatred of pirates and any species perceived to engage in similar tactics.  

First contact with the Rosebourgs in the early 2200s led to cold relations, and whilst plans by the Gohorns were drawn up to go to war, nothing ever came of these. However, first contact with the Terrans nearly a century later proved disastrous, with the first of a series of border disputes in 2353 over an attempt by both sides to colonise the same planet leading to war only two years later.

In 2405, the Terrans orchestrated a military coup within the Gohorn Directorate with the instalment of Chief Otraz and his reformist government, relations between the Gohorns and the Terrans were smoothed over. The period of the Organisation for Interstellar Peace (2407 to 2501) proved particularly damaging for the Gohorns, their inability to play the political game to their advantage effectively halted their economic and political ascendance through military force and strategic positioning.

In 2500, fed-up with the perceived and real decline of the Gohorn Directorate, a popular rebellion overthrew the reformists and executed its leaders. Chief Saljak takes control of the Directorate and increases military spending exponentially. In 2501, when it becomes clear the OIP does not have the strength to stop Terran colonising incursions into Gohorn space, the Gohorns declare war on the Terrans.
Relationship with other factions:
    • Full-out war with the Terrans,
    • Grudgingly at war with the Rosebourgs,
    • Lukewarm with the Luna Minoris Confederacy.
Notable Personalities:
  • Leader: Chief Saljak

Current Government Type:

The Gohorn Directorate is a federal authoritarian government. There are no elections in the Gohorn Directorate, the word does not even translate properly, and the government comes under the wing of the military. It is led by:

    • Chief (selected by the Elite Academy for Prospective Gohorn Chiefs)
    • Council of Generals (Cabinet of the Chief)
    • Councils of Power (Gohorn equivalent to the Executive Branch)
    • Regent Admirals (Gohorn equivalent to local government structures)
    • Regent Governors (executors of the will of the Chief on conquered worlds)
Historical Details:

In the 1800s, global wars known as the Dark Years end with the unification by Frantras of the warring factions of Gohorn Prime in 1867.

Frantras goes on to establish the form of government that would emerge as the Directorate, and sets the bases for one of the most powerful interstellar empires of the modern age.

The religion of Johas also re-emerges in 1969 at this time and assists in uniting the Gohorns under one faith.


In the 1900s, Frantras dies and is succeeded by Asadan in 1917. In 1919, a second civil war is launched by those unhappy with the unification of Gohorn Prime.

Vartek, ruler of the Tre’lat Continent begins a campaign of terror that lasts until his death in 1930 at the Battle of Far’gee.

In 1940, attention had shifted to the stars with the construction of the first Gohorn space station completed in 1972.


In 2017, despite Asadan’s death, the Gohorn Directorate presses on with the colonisation of its star system until Gohorn scientists discover vortex drive in 2059 which subsequently permits the creation of the Gohorn Directorate that same year.

The Velakor, the Gohorn’s space navy, is formed that same year. Shortly after discovering vortex, the Gohorns make first contact with the Shresarool in 2064 and subsequently conquer them in 2065 following a brief war which reinforces motivation to support the Velakor and its role in space exploration and expansion.

In 2083, the holy system of Izmarx is discovered and becomes a symbol for the followers of the Johas faith.

The Directorate goes on to expand rapidly and massively across the stars. It makes first contact with multiple species and declares war on the Noth who made the mistake to prey on Gohorn ships for their loot in 2105.


In 2204, Chief Lamorn dies in a battle against the Noth, and in 2225 the Gohorns are forced to repel an attempted invasion of their holy Izmarx system, subsequently leading to the Directorate to swear an oath of revenge against all pirates and beginning the cultural trend of deep hatred towards pirates. Ishmire is named Chief to succeed Lamorn.

2227 is marked with first contact with the Rosebourg Monarchy. Relations on the Gohorn side are cold mainly due to the Directorate’s jealousy of the Rosebourg Monarchy's power and wealth. Plans are drawn up to go to war with the Monarchy, but nothing ever comes of these.


In 2325, Chief Backra succeeds Ishmire and in 2342 the Waratakal Navy is dissolved and absorbed in to the Remteklar, the need for a separate naval body no longer exists.

In 2353, a disastrous first contact between the Gohorn Directorate and the Terran Democratic Republic ensues as the two powers try to colonise the same planet (Ulure IV to the Gohorns, Lavelle to the Terrans) – the Gohorns decimate the colonising Terrans, leading a few years later to the First Terran-Gohorn War starting in 2355.

In 2362, The Battle for Rokar VII takes place pitting Terran and Gohorn forces, culminating in the End of the First Terran/Gohorn War and the signing of an armistice. In 2393, the Gohorns make first contact with the Architects and are given proposals for a great experiment for peace.


In 2405, in the first time since the Directorate was founded, the Gohorn Chief of the Directorate (Backra) is overthrown by reformist elements secretly backed by the Terrans. Otrez is named Chief who commences a purge that will last into 2408.

In 2409, under immense pressure from the Terrans, the Gohorns join the OIP. Gohorn and Terran tensions continue to build up reaching a culmination in OIP chambers in 2451. Gohorn office protests of Terran expansionism also go unanswered by the OIP in 2488.

In 2492, the Spider Cluster threatens to bring the Gohorns and Terrans to war. Ten days of intensive diplomatic talks avert the build-up to war. The Terrans mobilised all their forces along the Gohorn border in preparation for a conflict, but the OIP intervened and the conflict was averted. 2/3 of the Gohorn cluster comes under Terran control, severely weakening Otrez’s grip on power.


In 2500, a popular rebellion in the Directorate by Saljak (nephew of Backra) deposes the reformist government and executes its leaders. Saljak, the new leader, announces that the Gohorn Directorate will be returning to the old ways. Military spending is increased by 300 percent.

In 2501, the Directorate calls for the end to "Project: Atlas." They obtain a mandate from the OIP that the TDR should suspend Atlas until a full review can be conducted. Terran refusal to abide by the OIP mandate begins a chain of events leading to the declaration of war by the Gohorns which starts the Second Terran-Gohorn War.

In 2502, the Rosebourgs declare war on the Gohorns honouring the terms of their alliance with the TDR.

Social, Economic, Cultural Details:

The Gohorn Directorate is a two tiered, male-dominated society of warriors. All warriors are equal (the term citizen or civilian does not really exist in the Directorate) but only as long as they are men.

There is hardly any physical differentiation between men and women; however one rarely finds a female Gohorn in command of a starship. Female Gohorns are the predominant make-up of the Gohorn support (medical, repair etc.), intelligence and tactical analysis departments.

Family is not a word that Gohorns understand. For the Gohorns, there is no family structure whatsoever. "Father," "Mother," "Brother," "Sister," these terms do not exist. When a Gohorn child is born, he/she is immediately sent to an educational facility where they children are raised to know what a true Gohorn is. They are taught the basics of combat and the founding principles about which the Directorate is based. A child may never see its parents again, and even if it were to meet with them later in life, it would be the same as meeting any other person. Having children is an honour because it continues the species, however Gohorn mothers are not required, and do not want to child rear. Special sections of the Gohorn Support Services perform this function.

Military Details:

Military is composed of two divisions including:

  • Remteklar (Army)
  • Velakor (Navy)

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