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Zeno'Kranx explosive is an invention of the Gohorns Directorate Fretre'Dal (Science Institute.) The explosive part actually comprises the collision of only three elements, which when reacted together cause a massive explosion.

The elements needed for the explosive are incredibly difficult to obtain, a complex process is necessary to refine them properly, and thus the explosive is very expensive and very rare.

However, its effects can be catastrophic. Because it is small, and is a small round metal ball (the casing which shields the elements inside from the environment) about half the size of a human's palm, it is difficult to find, and its effects are wildly disproportionate to its size when compared with conventional explosives. The Arms Conglomerate are known to have a small cache which is heavily guarded, but the majority of it is in the hands of the Gohorn Directorate, though the Terran CIC stole the plans for creating it.
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