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The ion cell is a compact battery cell empowered by radioactive atomic energy derived from atomic fusion. First developed and commercialized in the TDR by a certain Dr. Henry Deichter, a German of the W.I.T., he envisioned this energy source with one task at hand, an energy source of great intensity it could power a space port or small city while within such a small confine of space. Similar power cells have been developed by the other major powers leading to a wide diversity of ion cells available on the market.

The cell is charged from any atomic fusion energy source like a power plant or etc. Then it is plugged into the object requiring a mobile power source and fuels it with easy energy called ion energy. The energy however is finite in properties because of its size and technology. The amount of energy a cell could contain according to its most normal size is 1 TW of electricity.

Its most normal size is a 20cm cube in accordance with OIP mandate 1912.2014. Its core is lined with 5 inches of metallic alloys like lead and the outside are all encased with alloys like titanium. The energy is stored in an orange liquid state. The cell has various slots that can vary in place upon it. There are at minimum two slots, one for intake and one for output. It is also highly volatile because of its elemental state and is also very toxic, but once it has been completely used, it is safe to recycle without toxic residues.

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