L'nhraei Government

in Society

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And a Healthy Dose of Superstition

There is a L'nhraei superstition that those who have a longer lifespan have been chosen by the gods for a greater purpose - hence why the Council of Elders is respected and being elected to serve on that Council is considered an honour.

A Parliamentary System Led by the Council of Elder and Council of Elder Arbitrators

A strong parliamentary system rules supreme in the L'nhraei society. The Parliament, known as the Council of Elders is responsible for legislative and executive responsibilities. A separate Council of Elder Arbitrators is responsible for judicial overview and for the application of penalties for violations of the Council of Elders' decisions.

A Gerontocracy

The Council of Elders inherits its name because of the minimum age requirement to join the Council of Elders. No individual under 50 years old can be a member of the Council of Elder. Whilst the Council is democratically elected, the selection pool is necessarily small because L'nhraei has a short lifespan - the Council also only seats 50 individuals.