Government of the Natashan Nation

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The Natashan Nation Government as it Existed

The Natashan Nation did not have much of a government to speak of, because it was controlled totally by the church. The Empek Ring constituted the closest thing the Natashan Nation had to a ruling body. The Empek Ring dictated religious policy, and since everything about a Natashan's life involved his religion, the Empek Ring (a council of 25 senior Empeks) performed the same role as any governmental body around the galaxy.

The Ring of Empeks acted more like a dictatorial body than a democratic one. The representatives on the Ring were not elected and they created policy for the Natashan Nation. However, the people of the Nation who believed in the same gods as the Empeks had no problem with this. They were the appointed representatives of the gods and therefore what they said was the will of the gods most likely was. The actions of the Empek Ring angered those who did not believe; they saw the Natashan Government for what it was, a dictatorship.

Corruption did not escape these religious officials. Although practicing the wills of the gods, it was not uncommon to find an Empek practicing his own will for his own ends. No one was ever able to prove that the Empeks were manipulating and corrupt, but there were accusations amongst the rebellious members of the population. The majority of people in the Natashan Nation never noticed.

What the Major Powers Known of the Natashan Nation...

Scientists have been unable to uncover any information about the Natashan government aside for the word "Empek," which they believe to be some kind of religious title used by the Natashans.
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