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Basic Details

Controlled by: Gohorn Directorate
Strategic Value:
Contested: No

Description of the Star System

The Krallen system is the main ship-building facility for the Gohorn Directorate. The Krallen system has no planets, its only point of reference is the Krallen star, a star from which the Krallen facilities draw their power. Raw materials come in on a constant supply chain from star systems throughout the Gohorn Directorate and put to use in the web-like shipyards in the system.

Some of the shipyards are connected, whilst others have constant shuttles moving back and forth between them. Larger shipyards are interspersed by smaller ones, with space stations distributed liberally amongst the construction facilities. There is a large defence presence to complement the massive ship-building facilities, from which every size of ship, from battleship to fighter is constructed.
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