Government of the Taurii

in Society

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The Judiciary as a vanguard against abuse

In order to ensure no single party takes too much power, however, all government laws that are passed by the government must go through the judicial branch.

The Courts can rule on whether any of the laws are contradictory to the Taurii Constitution and render the law null and void.

Unlike other governing systems where usually a complaint must be filed by a plaintiff for a law to undergo a review, in the Taurii system this is automatic.  

A system designed to favour the majority position

Unlike other system which tries to ensure balance between the different stakeholders, the Taurii governmental system is firmly majoritarian. Whoever wins the elections - wins the right to rule without fear for the next governing cycle.

This is achieved through a weighted seating system in the Taurii Parliament. Whoever wins the elections wins 60% of the seats and gets to choose the President. Thus the opposition rarely has a chance to block a motion from the majority.

A government designed to keep ticking

The Taurii, being the good economists they are, believe in efficiency and in strength. An indecisive government that wastes time negotiating with itself in order to take decisions is a money loser.

A strong presidential system

Accordingly, the Taurii government is characterized by a small amount of stakeholders who have the strength to carry out the decisions they make. At the centre of this system is a strong presidential system.