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Census Details

Homeworlds: Va (Neutral Space)
Major Species: Vas
Territory: 1 star systems
Population: 16 billion inhabitants
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details

The people of Va are some of the most obvious in the galaxy, as they hold the record amongst the O.I.P for being the tallest race in the Known Galaxy. The Va are a reclusive, fairly isolationist race who have a natural distrust of aliens.
Relationship with other factions:
  • Neutral with the Gohorn Directorate
Notable Personalities:
Current head of state: Me Va El.
Current Government Type:
The Va are a parliamentary monarchy
Military Details:
A system defence force, enlarged by the threat of the Gohorn Directorate but still little match for a Gohorn Attack Fleet.
Additional Details:

Standing at an average of six meters tall, the Va are large, but spindly.

 They have very thin arms and legs, but incredibly large compound eyes, giving them the ability to see numerous wavelengths.

A pair of under-developed wings, remnants from a time in the Vas evolutionary past when they could fly, rest on their backs, completely unable to sustain their weight.

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Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes
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