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In-Story Timestamp: 01/1/2516



“Delta Trianguli”

Three hundred and thirty-three trillion kilometers from the Sol system, Earth Colonization Vessel number seven finally completed its seven hundred and four year journey to the Triangulum constellation. Delta Trianguli was its destination, a binary star system as previously unpopulated by humanity or any other known form of life.

‘Dora’ as the ship was christened now sat in distant orbit around the system’s two suns, a large yellow dwarf similar to Sol in size and intensity and a smaller, dimmer orange dwarf star. Eclipsing the greater star (Delta Trianguli A) from Dora’s point of view the dimly glowing orange dwarf (Delta Trianguli B) blocked much of the sunlight from reaching the ancient spacecraft, regardless the giant conical shield at the craft’s fore which had protected it from abrasive dust, rock and other debris as it travelled shone brightly against the background of star studded space.

Covered behind the debris shield sixty kilometers of structure stretched out in shadow, a cylindrical hub carrying a thousand rotating terraforming modules that swung around its axis to simulate gravity for the colonists within. Ten thousand people occupied each ‘pod’, the modules themselves measured close to twelve hundred meters tall and six hundred wide and were designed to detach and descend across the habitable planets within the solar system.

Seven planets orbited the binary system, two of which sat close enough to the ‘sweet spot’ (a distance not too close nor too far from the sun/s) to be desirable and most of them held satellite moons within their gravity.

None of the worlds had names yet, only numbers in order of their proximity to the stars.

Delta Trianguli #1, the closest planet sat a