Government of the Ventaar

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Led by a Matriarchy and Local Military Councils

The Ventaars are led by a Matriarchy that takes all of the high-level decisions, at the local level; decisions are made by a military council composed of the highest ranking military officials of that locality.

The Matriarchy

The Matriarchy selects its own, meaning that membership into the Matriarchy is only through invitation and in order to replace a member no longer exercising her role on the Matriarchy.

There are always 13 Matriarchs - each Matriarch represents one of the 13 character traits viewed to be the most important for a soldier to have. Also, these Matriarchs each handle a number of policy domains for which they are viewed to be specialists.

Thus, a matriarch may epitomize "Courage" and be responsible for "Budget & Finances."