Navigational comments

4 years ago
The menu at the top works well. The shop however seems to be located on another domain location. No problem really, but it opens in the same window as the community website. Either make the shop window open in a fresh tab/window, or make the menubar overlay on the shop so it's easy to navigate back and forth between the shop and the community website?
3 years ago
Agreed - my ideal scenario will be that the logo takes you always back to the community front-page. Two distinct CMS' are powering these site functions so we'll have to play with better integration. That'll be something that will get tackled once all the legacy content is transferred over to the community site and I start populating the shop with all of the products!
3 years ago
I'm curious, how many members do we have visiting the site so far this week?
3 years ago
What do you define as members? Our analytics show nearly 1000 visitors since we launched on the 2nd January 2016, which is better than I expected! There have been teething problems that the Web Development team are picking off as we see them ourselves or we get notified by some of the ninja support team members.