My Content Manager Won't Work...

3 years ago
Yeah, i'm trying to request a project, but every time i try to click it...nothing. I just click, wondering if it will do something. I really want to contribute, but if i can't even get to the features, it defeats the purpose.

Please fix it, if you can.
2 years ago
Cherokee, I'm suffering the same issue did you ever get a fix for it?
2 years ago
Hi Nova, I believe Cherokee21 is now active. It was more a permissions issue. I've given basic access privileges to your account so you should now have access to the Content Manager. Let us know by private message if you need access to specific collaborative projects or simply request a new project if you would like one created for you! Looking forward to seeing your contributions come to life on our platform!
2 years ago
Yup Its working now!

Sent in a request already Thanks!