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Kut (Gerolden II), Grace Minoris (504.07.08: 08th July 2504) -
"The King asks all forces of the 4th Fleet, the 3rd Fleet, and the Legionnaires on Kitoko Superior to do all they can to protect the Monarchy from Gohorn aggression," The King expressed in a speech broadcasted on military channels.

With military sources saying more than 100 starships along with troop carrying capabilities of several million troops, still haven't been stopped, the King's rallying plea is unlikely to change events in the near future.

Reports place the Gohorn invasion has having begun early yesterday.

Several starships broke Rosebourg lines at numerous border sites.

When it was clear that Rosebourg fleet resources were outgunned and outnumbered, Rosebourg wolfpacks were ordered to pull back to the Agelan's location where a counterattack was expected to be organised at the earliest possible moment.

With the resources of the 4th Royal Fleet standing at around 25 ships, with 2 having having been lost in the initial attack, the Rosebourg counterattack will probably lack the firepower needed to rout the Gohorn invasion force.

The 3rd Royal Fleet has been placed on high alert with expectations that it take over a relief role for the 4th Royal Fleet while the fleet attempt to mount serious challenges to the Gohorn strike force.

It is, however, expected that the Monarchy will only be fully mobilised in time for the Gohorns to strike Grace Minoris...

"These timelines are the result of studies dating many years and can't be seriously trusted," the military analysit for Hyperchannel 8000 IE commented, "The Gohorns may be there sooner."
Kitoko Superior has been forced to lock itself down, all civilian traffic to and from the system has been ended.

Legionnaires are bracing themselves to encounter Gohorn shock troops expected to be the 1st wave of air drops from space.

Fleet officials from the 4th Royal Fleet were unable to be contacted for further comments on the pressing situation.

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