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Starport Nuribis Orbital (Starport Nuribis), Narimbar IV (505.06.06: 6th June 2505) - The Business Association of Starport Nuribis have expressed concerns that the recommendations made by the report on increased racially-motivated hate crimes will cost businesses dearly in terms of profits and job retention.

The Business Association, which represents over 140 businesses and shops operating out of Starport Nuribis, says it is concerned that banning Terran, Rosebourg, and Gohorn warships from the Starport Nuribis would seriously harm Starport Nuribis' reputation as the leading port of call in the region and would play straight in the hands of their competitors in the area.

The Business Association of Starport Nuribis has requested that the OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee support the Rosebourg position that the report is unrealistic.
We're likewise concerned about racially-motivated hate violence, of course, after all, the first victims of such violence are our businesses, however, it makes no sense to cure the ail by killing the patient. That's exactly what the recommendations from the report would mean. We'd be removing almost half of our clientele just because certain individuals have decided to use this war to advance hatred.
A spokesman for the Business Association explained.

The Business Association of Starport Nuribis says it is quite worried that the fast removal of such a huge portion of the BAS' clientele would be disastrous.
Business has been going fairly well and we've planned accordingly, however, if our clientele is removed, we'll be in real trouble.

The Business Association of Starport Nuribis also argued that jobs would be amongst the first things to go - Starport Nuribis' currently only counts approximately 5.6% unemployment ratings, which is considered to be superb - however, the number of jobs that would need to be cut to keep businesses alive would be significant.

Imagine when 1 in every 4 person is out of work... that's the kind of reality we're talking about. The military is good for business; it is one of Starport Nuribis' secret and one of Starport Nuribis' specialities.
A CEO of a spare parts company explained.

All sectors would be affected by the loss of clientele, as military personnel on shore leave are spending in just about everything whilst at the Starport.

The Business Association is a growing number of business interests who are expressing concerns and reservations about the recommendations.

It is worried however that the business lobby has been particularly slow in realising the potential threat to business the proposed ban would have.

The Rosebourg Monarchy is keen on capturing dissenting views from Starport Nuribis and the other OIP starports, the Monarchy says it is concerned that:
...at the OIP there seems to be a growing consensus yet there has been a very unequal debate about the pros and cons of the recommendations. We hope that the non-aligned states will pay close attention to these new voices joining the debate.
Ambassador Vinedinevianne, Rosebourg Ambassador to the OIP commented.

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