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Rosebourg-Gohorn War Front, aboard the Agelan near Kitoko Superior (504.07.07: 07th July 2504) - The Rosebourg Monarchy has confirmed that the border has been breached at several locations along the Rosebourg-Gohorn front, denoting a serious change in tactics from the Gohorn Directorate.

The Rosebourg Monarchy, announced the loss of the R.M.R.S. Kovach and the R.M.R.S. Acelion, connected to the unexpected Gohorn push.

The Rosebourg Monarchy has announced that the 4th Fleet was attempting to reorganise itself in order to prepare a counterattack.

Members of the royal family were unable to be contacted for any comments.

The attack began around 0230 hours along the border, several wolfpacks engaged the Gohorn forces, although no Gohorn warships were lost before the general retreat was ordered by the Commanding Officer of the Agelan.

Fourth Fleet resources have been mobilised and are attempting to coordinate the defence of Kitoko Superior.

Currently, it is expected some 80 Gohorn warships have crossed the border in a well-thought out plan which was executed without any warning.

It is said that the Rosebourg Royal Fleet had noticed changes in the location of capital warships only a few hours prior to the attack.

The Agelan had just finished transmitting to all wolfpacks under its command that they needed to be extremely vigilant as a result of noticed changes in the strategic layout on the other side of the Gohorn border.

Minutes later, the Gohorns crossed the border and are now beginning to push their way towards Kitoko Superior.

It is expected it will take quite some time before the Fourth Fleet can organise itself well enough to mount a counterattack.

"Resources are being called in from the immediate region," The Commander in Chief of the Fourth Fleet explained, "Of course the resources of the fleet are spread about and are reacting as quickly as possible. We should be ready to meet the Gohorns before they can reach Kitoko Superior."

The Admiral's words, however, fell on deaf ears on Kitoko. There are rumours of that many of the population are trying to catch the last freighters leaving Kitoko in a bid to escape the Gohorn advance.

Legionnaire forces on Kitoko have redoubled their drilling efforts and say they are prepared to meet the Gohorn advance at whatever the cost.

The Gohorns are expected to reach Kitoko Superior within a few days if the Rosebourg Monarchy doesn't mount a counter-attack before.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have met in an extraordinary session today to discuss what is clearly the end of the Rosebourg Gohorn staring contest which has characterised the Gohorn and Rosebourg war.

"The Monarchy is now truly at war, there is no doubt about it. Now we must hope and pray that the Fleet can protect us," The planetary leader of Kitoko Superior II exclaimed, "We will meet the Gohorn threat and we will vanquish it!"

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