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Neveah Palace (Arnou), Beta Hydrae Prime (505.06.07: 7th June 2505) - The Rosebourg Monarchy is expressing its frustrations at the continued push by the LMC and the Architects to put forward a critical meeting of the OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee.

The Monarchy has been amongst the most fervent opponents to the report published by A Galaxy for Peace and Understanding, arguing that the recommendations will yield none of the result it alleges it will have.

His Majesty the King Alexander warned of serious consequences if the Organisation for Interstellar Peace goes ahead with plans to follow the recommendations of a report on increase racial tensions on OIP Starports.

The Monarchy's attempts to softly induce non-aligned states seems to be failing - with a number of them announcing their intentions to vote in favour of the recommendations especially following Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu's audience.The Monarchy is accusing the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds of ignoring Starport Nuribis' business interests who argue the recommendations would be deadly to business on the Starport.

His Majesty the King Alexander strongly attacked the LMC,
The Confederacy seems to unite precisely on matters of racial hatred or is it because a number of their trading posts are suffering in the face of competition from the Starport?

The Monarchy revealed that if Starport Nuribis were to close its doors to the Rosebourg Monarchy and the Terran Democratic Republic, Luna Minoris trading ports located geographically close would stand to benefit most because the Confederacy is likewise a neutral power but wouldn't be bound to the proposed OIP mandate.

Business interests recently rallied together in opposition of the OIP plans, arguing that Starport Nuribis' prestige stands to be seriously damaged by the propositions.

The Monarchy has signalled its intentions, if the ban becomes a reality, to go even further and withdraw its diplomatic presence on the Starport.

The Terran Democratic Republic and the Gohorn Directorate have indicated that they were planning similar retaliatory actions.

Business interests are arguing that as many as one in every four jobs on the Starport would be endangered. Labour unions have called a general strike to begin the day after tomorrow and to last from 12:00 to 19:00 local Nuribis time.

His Majesty the King Alexander appealed to states to not take decisions
...that would harm the welfare of the peoples on Starport Nuribis.

Following on the heels of the Terran Democratic Republic's warnings that it would consider military force as an option to ensure the defence of its interests, His Royal Majesty likewise refused to rule out the option.

The Rosebourg Monarchy will defend its interests in this and in any other dossiers, we will employ whatever means are necessary to ensure that our vested interests are not trampled over.

The message is being interpreted as a strong warning against OIP Member States who are becoming impassioned and planning to use the OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee meeting as a way to punish those involved in the war.

The Committee is expected to meet in three days in order to decide whether or not to adopt the recommendations as an OIP mandate.

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