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Forest of Harmony (O.I.P. Home), Narimbar II (505.05.29: 29th May 2505) - The NGO "A Galaxy for Peace and Cultural Understanding" has released a report yesterday which alleges the Terrans, the Gohorns, and the Rosebourg Monarchy are all indirectly responsible for an increase in racially-motivated hate crimes on the OIP starports.

The report, which is currently being circulated amongst the embassies of the member governments of the Organisation for Interstellar Peace, accuses the major powers of being responsible for increase of as much as 30% in this year alone.

The NGO is using the report as a platform to launch its newest campaign: Save us from racism, stop the war.

The report is already causing a wide number of reactions amongst a number of governments, as well as the OIP committees most concerned with the day-to-day operations of the OIP starports.

The report argues that the increase in racially motivated violence has only begun at the exact moment when the Terrans and the Gohorns first declared war against each other.

The report says that the link cannot be denied and that there is ample evidence to suggest that since the war has begun, racial tensions have only been increasing on the Starports.

The report says that these negative influences need to be removed as soon as possible so as to ensure that there are no longer any risks of racial riots breaking out on OIP starports whose primary duty is to ensure cultural exchanges amongst the galaxy's many races.

The report clearly places the blame on the major powers' irresponsible desire to continue the war despite numerous offers made by the OIP to return the belligerents to the negotiating table.

The Rosebourg Monarchy has rejected the report's findings, saying that "A Galaxy for Peace and Cultural Understanding" had approached the document from a biased stand-point. It argues that the increase in 30% being solely attributed to the war is ludicrous.

"I really wonder whether there is any scientific reasoning behind the report. The Rosebourg Monarchy will be urging our partners within the OIP to scrutinise very carefully the validity of the report's findings - we do not believe they have made a productive cause and effect link."
Ambassador Vinedinnevianne, Rosebourg Ambassador to the Organisation for Interstellar Peace said.

Other governments have however, seemed more open to the findings made by "A Galaxy for Peace and Cultural Understanding," not least of these the Architect government.

The Architect government has motioned in the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee that in the light of the report, the OIP should react.

Accordingly, the Architect government has invited Starport Nuribis' Fleet Captain to come and speak to the Appropriations Committee about the situation.

The Fleet Captain has been very critical of the lack of OIP guidance on how the OIP Starports should deal with belligerent states using Starport facilities as logistic support for their war operations.

The Fleet Captain has said in the past that he wished this practice stopped. It remains to be seen whether the respected Fleet Captain will be able to convince the Committee to take real responsive action.

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