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Forest of Harmony (O.I.P. Home), Narimbar II (505.06.04: 4th June 2505) - All eyes were on the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee today as ambassadors from the Organisation for Interstellar Peace listened to Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu, Commanding Officer of Starport Nuribis has he explained to the OIP his viewpoint on the report issued by A Galaxy for Peace and Cultural Understanding.

Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu had been invited on behalf of the Architect government in order to give a grassroots report of what is happening on the OIP starports.

Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu is well respected amongst military ranks for his expertise and in particular for his excellent work governing Starport Nuribis.

The Starport has four times won the highly-sought after award Location for Interstellar Peace which is awarded each year to a different location based on the efforts made by local government to ensure intercultural understanding. No other location in the entire known galaxy has won the award so many times.However, the Fleet Captain was asked to speak to the OIP regarding the increased racial tensions that the report exposes.

OIP Starports throughout the galaxy, usually safe houses for cultural and racial diversity, have been experiencing increased levels of racially-motivated hate crimes.

The report comes on the heels of a number of internal OIP reports which likewise spoke of an increase number of racially-motivated hate crimes being reported by OIP PeaceForce security elements charged with policing the OIP starports.

Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu was seen as the most senior OIP PeaceForce officer involved with combatting these worrying trends. The Architect government motioned for his invitation, invitation that was accepted by unanimity.

Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu spoke of an increased environment where being racially different could lead to serious repercussions.

He spoke that whilst military troops weren't usually directly involved in racially-motivated hate crimes.

Their presence, and the activities of their governments implicitly suggests that the OIP does not have any problem with their engagement in wartime activities.

Likewise, Mobutu Tutu expressed that there had been nascent feelings of competition which have a tendency to erupt in night hours. Whilst the bars are making good money, the Fleet Captain said, Nuribis security details have had to pay up.

A larger number of security personnel have been injured than is normal around these times of years. The Fleet Captain said he was uncertain about whether or not Nuribis could hold its annual Cultural Festival because of this.

The sense that Nuribis is a place where cultures come together to work on constructing a paradise of diversity is becoming impossible to advance when we have military troops who outside of Nuribis are acting in the exact opposite manner. Nuribis needs to have more control over who can come in and use our services. The Starport should reflect its mission of peace.
The Fleet Captain said in an impassioned speech.

Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu's speech will likely influence a number of non-aligned states.

A massive lobbying effort is currently happening around the issue, with the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds leading efforts to have the recommendations of the report (including a ban on warships involved in wartime activities) implemented.

On the other side, the Rosebourg Monarchy is leading efforts to ensure the recommendations are ignored or watered down.

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