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Starport Nuribis Orbital (Starport Nuribis), Narimbar IV (505.05.29: 29th May 2505) - Starport Nuribis has always been billed a place where individuals from all races, from all origins, from all economic backgrounds could come and meet in a safe environment.

Cultural diversity was Nuribis' selling card and it worked - investment from OIP member governments has been substantial and the amount of trading activity that takes place on Starport Nuribis consistently places it as one of the most lucrative addresses in the entire universe.

However, this image of cultural diversity leading to economic success is being challenged by a report being circulated within the OIP circles - the report states that Starport Nuribis is turning into a Starport of Hate.

Racial crime is sensitively up - as much as 30% in just 2505, and this the NGO states, is only the latest increase in what has been a steady increase of racial tension since 2501.

The report says that the number of people who commit these crimes have increased exponentially and what was an activity that was exclusive of civilians has now expanded.

A rising number of soldiers have also passed in front of Starport Nuribis' brigs - however, Starport Nuribis has no jurisdiction over the discipline of soldiers from OIP member governments.

Their embassies have rapidly had them released and repeat offenders are not uncommon. The report, from respected NGO, "A Galaxy for Peace and Cultural Understanding" is the result of exhaustive research of the Starport's own criminal records, other NGOs have also contributed to the report.

This position isn't a new position for 'A Galaxy for Peace and Cultural Understanding' - And it isn't a new position for many of the NGOs who work with us. We've been arguing this since the war began, the war is having an influence on relations within Starport Nuribis, with all OIP starports and we need to do something about it. The report, we hole will focus the attention of the OIP to this particular problem. It has touched many civilians, an increasing number of them have had to go to the hospital and it won't be long before innocent people start being killed because of their racial origins. This is unacceptable for any OIP installation.
A spokesman for the NGO stated.

Some governments within the OIP agree, not least of these is the Architect government. It has announced that its Executive Council will meet to discuss the report, and already the Architect Permanent Mission to the OIP has motioned in the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee for the Fleet Captain of Starport Nuribis to attend the next meeting of this committee.

The Architect Government is worried that the situation is undermining the OIP's mission - it says it wouldn't want to see any further degradation of the OIP's mission - an allusion to the war.

The Luna Minoris Confederacy, the only major power not to have joined the war, expresses similar concerns. It is also studying within its High House of Policy whether the LMC should adopt a joint position on the matter.

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