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Aleah Palace (Aleah), Terra Hydrae (504.06.23: 23rd June 2504) - The Rosebourg Monarchy has confirmed that the Princess of Terra Hydrae, Princess Alsace Rosebourg intends to get married at the end of this year.

The Monarchy's Royal Family has confirmed that as a result, the Princess will be carrying through with her plans to marry a human civilian, Togika Kawasaki.

The story is on the headlines of local tabloids, which are becoming increasingly captivated by the story of a choice of Love over Position.

Indeed, the Princess Alsace Rosebourg will be forced to resign her rights as a Princess of Terra Hydrae in order to carry through the marriage. Many feel that the decision by the Crown that she couldn't marry a human civilian outside of the royal circles of the Rosebourg Monarchy is outdated.

"The Monarchy, aspires to ensure the safety and the purity of its blood," a statement from the King explained, "As such, it is absolutely inconceivable for a member of the Royal Family to not be either a full pure-blood Navak or a full pure-blood Avran. The Monarchy is bound by the rules and regulations of our forefathers on the question, and the Princess Alsace understands the weight of her decision."
The statement also confirmed that the Princess would continue to be invited to all royal ceremonies. She will however, no longer be able to exercise royal authority for Terra Hydrae and will simply be considered a member of the upper social strata. Civil rights activists have been keen to point out the double standards being employed within the Monarchy.

"This decision by the Royal Family shows that it is willing, in the name of some outdated royal practice, to employ racist measures in order to ensure the so-called purity of its blood. The Royal Family's decision goes against all attempts at ensuring the racial unity of the Rosebourg Monarchy and endangers the equality that exists between the métis, Avran, and Navak populations," a report by the United Council on Racial Unity concluded. "We are ecstatic by the decision of Princess Alsace to carry on with her marriage despite these attempts to dissuade her from doing so. She will remain a Princess in the hearts of the people of Terra Hydrae, indeed the hearts of all the Rosebourg people."

The Princess Alsace was expected to give an interview in the coming days concerning her soon-to-bonded mate, Tokiga Kawasai. Until then, she has refused to answer questions about her feelings on the matter. She further declined to comment whether she felt the Royal Family was wrong in their decision to remove her rights to royalty.

Friends of Princess Alsace, however, hinted that she didn't feel the loss of her royal title to be of major problem:

"She is disappointed by the decision," a friend confided, "but she understands the reasoning and has decided to ultimately follow her heart. We're really happy for her, we think she's made the right choice to follow the love of her life."

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