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Kut (Gerolden II), Grace Minoris (504.11.19: 19th November 2504) - Amidst headlines of the loss of Kitoko Superior, the royal government released a report on the amount of military involvement required for the Monarchy and her allies to win the war against the Gohorn directorate.

The report, which was compiled from mission reports of Rosebourg starships involved in the Terran-Gohorn Front, says Rosebourg military involvement needs to increase.

The report says the Terran United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force is stretched to the limits.

Rosebourg warships noted that for every one Rosebourg starship encountering battle on the Rosebourg-Terran Front, that same ship would have had to fight ten combat situations on the Terran-Gohorn front.The report lends credence to Terran complaints that the Rosebourg Monarchy simply isn't doing enough to help out its Terran allies.

In order to prove their point, the Republic asked the Monarchy to detach several warships to aid patrol runs and observe first hand the amount of military activity being registered on the Terran-Gohorn Front.

One of the detached warships was reportedly attacked several times in just one patrol run.

The Republic hopes that the Report will be heard at the highest levels of the Monarchy.

Ambassador Williamson, Terran Ambassador to the OIP, expressed hopes:

"that the report will galvanise a strong response from Rosebourg military leaders."

Rosebourg officials say they are taking the content of the report very seriously and will take steps to adapt accordingly. The report has advised that major fleet redeployments are necessary to take advantage of the numerical superiority of the fleet.

"There is no reason why we aren't capable of winning this war. We outnumber the Gohorns, we certainly have an advantage in space but we aren't using that effectively,"
A Lieutenant Commander, who helped draft the report commented.

The report has also criticised the lack of control over the economy needed to run a large-scale war. It says the Monarchy needs to stop pretending it is at peace-time.

It argues that the nation needs to act like a nation that is at war.

The Crown and the Royal Council have in response promised to consider passing an edict which would effectively return control of the economy to a special War Economic Council run jointly by the Crown, the Royal Council and the military.

The edict could come into force as early as next month.

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