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Forest of Harmony (O.I.P. Home), Narimbar II (505.06.03: 3rd June 2505) - Just as neutral states of the OIP are gathering a consensus around the report on increased racial tensions on OIP starports, the Rosebourg Monarchy has stepped into the debate and warned against any hasty moves by OIP member states.

In the voice of Rosebourg Ambassador to the OIP Vinedinevianne,
The Monarchy warns of the negative impact such a decision would have on the diplomatic scene.

In the eyes of the Monarchy, putting the major powers in isolation is not a good policy strategy for the OIP.

The Rosebourg Monarchy seems to be taking the lead in voicing its complaints - a complaint which surprisingly all sides involved in the war agree.The Rosebourg Monarchy says it is concerned about the growing willingness to accept the report as fact. It has also argued that the reports' findings are biased and that they give too much weight to circumstantial evidence.

The Monarchy argues that the real source of the increase in racial tension may lie in the unequal distribution of wealth within the OIP starports. The Monarchy is attempting to rally governments which have not yet pronounced themselves to adopt a position which would be less ambitious than the one called for within the report.

The report's recommendations, the Monarchy says, are much too broad and far too removed from reality and good sense.

The Monarchy's ability to support Terran war actions along the so-called Terran-Gohorn front is very much dependent on the Starports remaining open to all starships from all powers.

One of the recommendations would in effect lead to the ban of Rosebourg, Terran, and other starships from OIP starports. The Monarchy says the major powers shouldn't be punished for engaging in defensive actions.

It has likewise questioned whether the ban would lead to the results the report alleges it would have. The Monarchy says military officers have been rarely involved in incidents involving race-motivated hate crimes.

The military presence does not inflame racial tensions, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. The OIP should concentrate on the real sources of racial hatred - misunderstanding, ignorance... these are the roots of racial violence, not the presence of warships at the docking ports of Starport Nuribis.

A sociologist at the University of Arnou explained.

The Monarchy will be keen to highlight this reality at the OIP Peace Force Appropriations Committee meeting - expected to be held in a few days.

The Monarchy is the last of the so-called belligerent states to still hold a seat in the Appropriations Committee, despite calls from NGOs that it should voluntarily remove itself the same way the Gohorns and the Terrans did.

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