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Rosebourg Treasury (Los), Avran Prime (504.07.03: 03rd July 2504) - The Rosebourg Monarchy has released its first quarter economic data, which shows some encouraging signs of a potential economic recovery.

The Government and leading economic analysts, however, are holding their breaths before commenting on whether or not this could be the long awaited U-turn.

The Monarchy's first quarter results show encouraging signs in terms of employment. All provinces of the Rosebourg Monarchy showed timid rises in real employment.

Unemployment in the Monarchy fell to 9,7% of the active population.

Analysts say war related expenditures are partly responsible for the fall in unemployment. Some analysts, however, point to a real increase in investment in new sectors.

The number of new companies having in the first quarter risen sensitively.

Economic growth on the Avran homeworld and the Greater Avran province grew by 3,5%, a much greater rise than had been expected for the province.

Consumer and government spending both were up in the province.

For the first time in two decades, these greater-than-expected rises were combined with timid economic growth in the other provinces.

Beta Hydrae and its neighbouring regions recorded a 0,9% rise in GDP. This puts economic growth for the 1st quarter at 1,76% for the whole of the Monarchy.

These reports sent the stock markets booming resulting in one of its best days ever.

Stock markets on the Avran homeworld closed with a 5% increase, closing at 36,000 points. Leaders responsible for the Rosebourg Monarchy's economy were finally able to come of economic briefings with a smile.

"This is certainly good news," His Majesty's Royal Treasurer Wouter Isbex commented, "Economic growth hasn't been this high in several decades. Our efforts seem to finally be paying off. Now we must await the economic data for the second quarter to be certain this isn't a one-time occurrence."
The economic report certainly has helped the mood of economists within the Rosebourg Monarchy. Expectations for the 3rd quarter of this year were consequently up, as well as those of the 4th quarter. Economic growth for the Rosebourg Monarchy is expected to stand at 1,5%, for the first time in several decades.

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