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Naval Command (Kut), Grace Minoris (504.06.19: 19th June 2504) - The Rosebourg Monarchy has approved an increase in production of starships by 5% over this year in a move to secure the numbers of the fleet during the duration of the war.

The Royal Fleet's increased orders effect especially its current destroyer and frigate production lines although the Royal Fleet has likewise announced the purchase of 2 new carrier groups that would comprise an additional 2 carriers, 2 heavy battleships, 6 heavy destroyers at a cost of 50 billion dloobs to the Royal Fleet.

The new forces are expected to join the fleet in 2 years whereas the increased orders of DDGs and frigates should be completed as part of the war productions for next year.

"With increased losses sustained on the fronts, it is absolutely vital we maintain our readiness to fight against the threats of the Rosebourg Monarchy," Star Marshall Lougant announced at a press conference to announce the increases, "the 2 new carrier groups and the 15 new wolfpacks will be essential to our strategies."
The Government's plans are to concentrate on production of the wolfpacks at Grace Minoris whereas the carriers and battleships will beconstructed elsewhere. The move has been met with mixed reactions.

The Terran Democratic Republic, who is funding nearly half of the costs of these new fleets welcomed the move saying that they viewed the investment as being good for the long term. The Republic hopes the Monarchy will go ahead with plans to lend greater support to the TDR's war effort. The Republic's fronts are being barely held by the UNPPF which has seen a very effective Gohorn hit and run strategy frusterate its ability to replenish front-line troops.

"The Monarchy has a crucial role to play to relieve pressure on the Terran front," military analysis have said.

Anti-war protestors lined the streets, some two million inhabitants blocked the roads in Arnou demanding the Government come to a peace settlement instead of furthering an expensive war effort against the Gohorns.

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