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Neveah Palace (Arnou), Beta Hydrae Prime (504.06.29: 29th June 2504) - In an exclusive interview with the Terran press, the King lashed out against the media allegations that the Rosebourg Monarchy wasn't doing enough to help the beleaguered UNPPF.

The King said that, "In the name of the Rosebourg Monarchy, I cannot tolerate attempts to destroy the unity that exists between the Terran and Rosebourg people when it concerns the threat posed by the Gohorn Directorate."
Having just returned from a botched conference at Starport Nuribis marred by a terrorist attack in which several royal guardsmen lost their lives, the King seemed more interested in returning to Beta Hydrae than ensure the completion of the conference.

This has prompted further criticisms from the Terran media aimed against the Rosebourg and the Rosebourg war effort.

There is a prevailing impression that the Monarchy is doing very little to bring the war to the Gohorns' footsteps.

The King took to task the media pointing out that Rosebourg participation in the Nugent campaign has been invaluable for the succesful denouement of the invasion. Beta Hydrae has also pointed to Rosebourg participation on patrol runs along the Terran borders.

The King conceded, however, that the Rosebourg Monarchy would be in grave danger if the Rosebourgs didn't relieve the Terran fronts more effectively.

" If the Terran fronts fall, the Rosebourg strategic position would likewise be compromised," The King confirmed.

The King also made certain his plans for visiting Earth and the U.N. Assembly later this year. High on the agenda will of course be the ongoing war with the Gohorn Directorate.

New on the agenda will be whether or not it is necessary to coordinate and subordinate UNPPF and Rosebourg royal military operations under a temporary wartime command.

The King has ruled out plans to consult the LMC in order to find a solution to the conflict.

"Our goals are, at present, incompatible," he explained.

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