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Starport Nuribis Orbital (Starport Nuribis), Narimbar IV (505.07.11: 11th July 2505) - A man stands cleaning his shop. Shards of broken glass are laying everywhere, encumbering his efforts to get his shop open.

Through the Starport Nuribis' so-called Shoppers' Boulevard, storekeepers are having to face their worst nightmares. For the first time in several years, Shoppers' Boulevard's storekeepers are having to face with the costs of a riot.

The riot broke out during the first few days of the Starport Nuribis blockade, the cause of the riot are still uncertain and an internal investigation has been ordered by Starport Nuribis' Commanding Officer.The man faces an uncertain feature, he explains to hover-vids, that before the riots broke out, his business was barely making a profit.

The blockade has last almost an entire month, shutting down business entirely during the midst of it.

As a precaution, Starport Nuribis' operations and military staff have kept the civilian population confined to the designated safe areas.

One Operations Manager explained that with the Rosebourg having shown a willingness to use deadly force to enforce their blockade, it wasn't safe to keep civilians circulating throughout the starport.

We faced at any given moment the real possibility of a live confrontation between the Starport and the Terran-Rosebourg task force. If that would happen, we were bound to have hull breaches and the sort, the safe areas are the most heavily protected area on the Starport, few other places have that kind of hull plating. It was the best we could do given the circumstance.
The Operations Officer added.

Business owners are worried about the effect the blockade will have on their businesses. Most business have lost a vital month's worth of profits - many now have to also face the damage incurred by the riots.

I'm not sure what to do, I'm really lost and confused at the moment. Starport Nuribis was a great place to do business - but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pick up all the pieces and start again after this.
One shopkeeper remarked.

Business confidence for the entire Narimbar star system has dropped substantially raising fears that the business community might not re-open their shops. Starport Nuribis' staff have placed repairing Shoppers' Boulevard on top of their repair schedules, despite continuing calls from Nuribis Moon for assistance to help with repairs there.

If Nuribis' business community dies, we're in serious trouble. We're trying to help them realise that not all is lost and that we're depending on them to bring Nuribis back online.
One of the repair staff recalled from Nuribis moon mentioned.

The difficult reconstruction is beginning but it still remains to be seen whether Nuribis will be able to relive fully again.

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