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Starport Nuribis Orbital (Starport Nuribis), Narimbar IV (504.07.03: 3rd June 2504) - It currently takes a civilian with no support from an employer or government about 3 years before they can find an apartment on Starport Nuribis.

Demand for an apartment far exceeds supply so that for every apartment there are approximately 10 demanders.Real estate prices on Starport Nuribis has skyrocketed in recent years, this despite the close proximity of the Terran-Rosebourg war.

Plans to end this nightmare situation have been unveiled jointly by the Organisation for Interstellar Peace and Starport Nuribis' Civilian Administration.

The plan is to greatly expand the living capacity on Nuribis, and to place the newly constructed living spaces under the pricing jurisdiction of the Civilian Administration.

Under the proposed expansion, Starport Nuribis would be permitted to construct two new starbases.

This has already been approved by the Architects as part of a greater plan to improve existing infrastructures to and from Starport Nuribis and the Architect homeworld.

The two new starbases would have a living capacity of 100,000 inhabitants each.

It is expected that both starbases would also be self sufficient, benefiting from the construction of smaller versions of Nuribis' existent Shoppers' Boulevard - billed the interstellar shopping capital of the Known Galaxy for 2503 and 2504 consecutively.

Starport Nuribis hopes that these new starbases will quickly become a symbol of luxury.

Unlike the current Starport Nuribis, which many say lacks greenery, the new starbases would have ample rest and relaxation areas and would also have arboretums and sufficient areas to grow all kinds of agrarian cultures.

The new starbases would also be equipped with the latest defensive weaponry in order to ensure the Starport's continued safety in the face of the growing war zone.

Starport Nuribis' Civilian Administration is confident that demand for the new lodging will be quite sufficient to off-set the actual construction costs of the bases.

The architectural design has already been approved, a company entitled Tommy and Jo, a company from one of the neutral worlds in the Jellooj star system having won the contract to design the starbases.

The construction of both starbases is expected to take approximately 10 years.

Once completed, living space on Starport Nuribis will be greatly expanded.

The project is being hailed as part of a major renovation project to improve the capacities of the Starport.

In a few years, the Starport will also begin earmarking work on a new Flight Control Centre to better deal with the influx of starships coming into and out of the Starport.

For many years to come, however, residents will have to deal with the bothersome sounds and noises of construction work taking place all around them.

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