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Location: The Eva Discotheque, Jul II
By Me
The weathered brick building stood imposingly at the end of the small rackety road. The water that had been pouring down for weeks had turned it into a muddy pool. The people tried to avoid the potholes that had been randomly created. It had been years since this road had seen any maintenance. Next to the muddy road were sorry excuses for street lamps - they too hadn't seen their bulbs replaced in years' a few remained alit flickering on and off and offering sparse lighting towards the brick building. On the side of the street was a half-torn down sign, which named the building "Eva Discothèque." Sometimes individuals, other times couples, and more often than not groups of people walked towards the entrance.

The building was aged - the bricks showing all signs of having held up against days and weeks of different weather conditions. Next to the door was an equally weathered sign that said clearly "Rosebourg Citizens and Terrans Only." It was lit up by "better maintained" lamps, which kept the entrance, alit. The Eva Discothèque had maintained the rule for years - maintained by the two bouncers, which glared imposingly on anyone who walked towards the door to get in. A long line had developed out onto the muddy street. A hefty twenty-credit entrance fee was being charged by the bouncers - outside, some handed out free tickets to those who looked "appealing." The steady bass could be heard from within the building - a steady boom boom that reminded everyone why they had come to this rackety building in the first place.

The chaotic scene produced by the line, with people cutting, and others mumbling about how they should have come earlier was interrupted by two men, one being pushed outside by the other. The fist of one of the men rose and smashed against the other's face, immediately taking him down to the mud. The bouncers looked at the two men without blinking an eye as they allowed a couple in. As the fight continued, they kept doing their job. They said no to a few - for some their faces just didn't appeal to the bouncers. Finally, one of the bouncers got tired of the two men fighting, their smashed up faces were now giving out a hefty amount of blood - it mixed with the wet and dirty floor.

One of the bouncers raised his gun and shot the two fighters. His laser gun caused the two fighters' clothes to burn, leaving a hole where the laser gun had struck them. The line didn't move, for some of them it was their first time seeing men shot by a laser gun. The bouncers tapped one of the buttons, and the doors to the Eva opened, allowing huge gusts of music to emanate from within - the music was pumped up to the max. Two workers, with "Security" on the back of their gray clothing came in with two anti-gravity stretchers that would be able to carry the two men towards a security compound within the Eva. The bouncers returned to their work as the two knocked out men were placed on the floating stretchers and then pushed back inside.

The doors closing immediately lowered the decibel level outside. The Eva was well equipped to handle these fisticuffs that were so common inside the discothèque. A few too many drinks and there were three fights happening inside - or even taken outside sometimes. That was why the Eva had its own security compound, with approximately a dozen security officers and a medical team always on stand by. Outside, two black and white hovercrafts with their lights flashing hovered a few meters above the ill-maintained road heading towards the Eva. Written in Dividian, the side of the crafts read "Dividian State Police of the Faithful." They rode past and entered the building through a side access devoted to emergency vehicle access. 
Walking past the line, a dozen or so young men walked towards the entrance. They made their strides obviously proud, as the leader of the dozen men nodded to some of the people waiting in line. The leader acted as if he was walking into his castle, as he glared at some of the people he didn't like, and smiled at some of the guys and girls he thought were sexually attractive. He himself was a handsome Navak, and his "crew" of sorts was composed of a mix of Navaks and Avrans. As he approached the bouncers, he raised his right hand and made an imaginary triangle - an atypical Navak greeting.

"Hey Jim! You're a bit late today," One of the bouncers said, as he looked at the ticket offered by a young girl.

"Yeah man, we had to make another hit before coming here," The leader replied.

"Well come on in, man, wouldn't want you to get caught by the Dividians."

"Thanks, let's go, guys, we've got a party to go to," the leader screamed as he entered, "Ooyeah, the Eva is mine now!"

The bouncers chuckled as they looked at the next batch of people who wanted to come in. It was like this every night, at the Eva, and pretty much every other Rosebourg-Terran exclusive place in town. Jim was known in each and everyone of the discothèques, him and his crew were pretty well known within the "in-crowds." The Eva was his favourite though, walking past that muddy street, hearing those booms reminded him of the first time he had come into the place. He was underage, he had broken his mother's curfew for the first time (and after that night he would do so again, and again), he had taken drugs for the first time that night - it had changed his life.

"Hey Jim! Wazzup!" One of the younger Avrans shouted, as he danced his heart out on the dance floor.

"Hey!" Jim replied - he didn't even know the guy's name.

The white retro lights flashed on and off inside the dance floor. The dance floor stood on three different levels, the top floor reserved to the best dancers in the place. The song changed to a Terran Nueva-Techno song, garnishing the cheers from some of the Terrans who were dancing inside the discothèque alongside Navaks and Avrans and métis. The place seemed to jump up and down in unison, as Jim walked towards the bar on the first level, his leather jacket followed him, as he half-heartedly danced around some of the unknowns, followed by his crew of twelve people. One of the girls let herself fall on Jim, as they exchanged a sloppy French kiss for a few seconds, the girl was then pushed aside as Jim made his way towards "his" chair.

"Hey Jim!" The guy sitting on it moved, "Just keeping it warm for you!"

Jim replied with a gruff grunt, as he looked at the barman, "Usual."

"Coming right up," The bartender replied, "How's it hanging, Jim? Made any new hits?"

"Yeah, made one tonight. We cleaned out those Dividian bastards pretty well."

"Great to hear," The bartender mixed his drink with a small spoon, as he handed the drink over to Jim, "Here you go, five credits."

"Five credits?"

"All right - one for you," The bartender laughed, as he accepted the credit from Jim.

"That's much better!" Jim looked at his crew, "Well sit down guys, we're gonna be here for a little while."

The Eva was a place for the young, the bouncers made sure of that. The music screamed "for the young," the location too. Jim stared at the dance floor, picking out his next sexual partners as he grabbed a ciggy and placed it into his mouth. One of his guys grabbed a lighter from his pocket and lit it up for Jim who immediately breathed in and let out a thick layer of smoke. He finally picked one out "an Avran boy" quite young, Jim wondered for a second if he was underage. He looked at his crew and nodded.

"Got your partners?" He waited for the nods to come back, "Go get 'em."
Jim got up, taking off his jacket and tossing it to the bartender who immediately placed it under the bar. Jim's top was a tight-fitting shirt, which gave full justice to his well-defined pectoral muscles. Jim shook his body left and right, sliding towards his target. The boy's feline characteristics were making Jim excited, as he licked his lips. He approached his target like a predator after a pray, his mind was already thinking about what they would be doing later tonight. He pushed the Avran boy's dancing partner aside; as he grabbed the Avran boy's hips and made him learn a few new dance moves.

Brushing - brushing against one another. Back and together, the moves were steady and perfectly in tune with the music, as Jim's hands slid under the boy's shirt and pinched and twisted every part. He waited to see the boy's lips open - open because he'd be moaning in the pleasure that Jim was giving him - there it was! Jim brushed his body so close that they seemed as one. He was underage, he was almost totally certain of that. His hand went inside his pants and past the boy's underwear - underage, he was now certain! He brought his face against the boy's cheek, shouting (so that he could be heard under the drowning music)

"How old are you?"

"Ten," He lied.

"First time here?" He squeezed inside the boy's pants.

"Yes!" The boy was moaning.

"What are you doing later tonight?" His hands released, as they continued exploring under the boy's shirt.


"You are now," Jim winked, as he took his hands out and returned to dancing with the boy, keeping their bodies close and sweaty.

Another one to add to the lot, Jim thought, he'd be good in bed for a few nights probably" maybe a week maximum. He was definitely a quick learner - already his hands were playing with Jim's body - a boy with initiative, he liked that. The song changed to an ever faster paced song, as his body picked up the new beat and added more speed to his dance steps. He grabbed his "new partner's" shoulders, forcing him to grind against Jim's well-defined body. The boy leaned to kiss him - Jim backed away for an instant - he'd be the one deciding when to kiss him. He looked at the boy's open, desiring lips, as he leaned forward and started kissing him, feeling the feline tongue against his own. He was actually an excellent kisser, Jim judged.

"Later tonight - I'm going to be taking you to a new orbit," Jim smirked, licking the boy's hairy neck.

The boy purred; Jim could feel it under him as the boy found new life within him. Jim looked around the dance floor, watching as his crew also made their catches. Jim rubbed the boy's neck, and his exposed shoulder blades, as he looked into his eyes to see whether or not he was ready to be taken home to his bed. It had been a while since he had slept with an Avran - they were wild in bed. His eyes stared back with desire - under aged were always so eager! His lips opened again, as the boy immediately went for another kiss. With the heavy techno music as their background, they closed their eyes, stopped dancing and kissed, their hands rubbing and touching every part of each other's bodies. Jim moaned - the Avran boy purred again.

"Where do you live?" The boy asked.


"Let's go!"

"I agree," Jim nodded, pulling the Avran boy by his hips towards the bar, " -Tender!"

The bartender reached for Jim's jacket, as he tossed it over to them, Jim handed the Avran boy his jacket to wear as they made their way towards the exit. The doors opened, and they were immediately greeted by the cold wind that was sweeping outside. It was raining again, making the badly maintained road even muddier. The two of them made their way towards the parking lot. The Avran boy couldn't believe it, as Jim made his way towards a neon-blue and black motorcycle.

"Woah! You have a hover-roadster?!?!" The excited child asked.

"Yeah? How else does one ride?" Jim looked at him, "Think you can hang on to my jacket?"

"Oh yeah!" The boy put it on, as Jim got onto his hover-roadster, the boy came behind him and held on tight to his stomach.

The hover-roadster made a loud roar as the engines activated. Jim turned up the throttle, forcing even more aggressive noises from the engine, until suddenly it only made a soft hum. The hover-roadster began hovering a few meters above, as Jim activated the engines forward. Within a few seconds, they were making high speeds on the normal roads. The old signs showed speed limits of "300 kilometers per hour." Speed limits, which Jim's hover-roadster was already violating by at least three-fold. The Avran boy held on tighter, his entire body remaining pressed on Jim's back.

The ride took no more than five minutes, as Jim pulled in front of gray building. The apartment building looked grim, and mucky. There were some remnants of white paint, and similar to the street lamps at the Eva, half the street lamps were not working and those that did were flickering their last breaths. Jim deactivated the engines and activated the defense systems that ensured his bike couldn't be stolen. He turned around, kissing his prey, as he reached into the boy's pants. The prey backed off -

"Are we going in?"


"Can I sleep here?"

"You're staying here, but I don't think you're going to be sleeping much."

The boy laughed, "Oh - I see!"

The two walked up towards Jim's apartment, it was probably the best kept in the entire building. Jim had money to spend thanks to the "hits" he did. Clothes were taken off, and if they took too long were ripped off as the two engaged in their activities. For the under aged Avran boy - his first time going out certainly had given him something to remember for the rest of his life. For Jim, he had another person to add to his long list of conquered preys.
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