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The rise of the laser gun

Like the Vortex Drive, laser weaponry is the choice of the major governments for standard weaponry in armed conflicts, as laser weaponry is much more cost-effective than projectile weaponry.

The problem with projectile weaponry is that the ammunition is not easily recovered. With laser weaponry, one only requires a power pack. This power pack can be easily recharged and therefore the government saves a lot of money by reusing these power packs rather than producing more projectile ammunition.

The decline of projectile weaponry

More primitive cultures still use projectile weaponry for standard armaments issued to soldiers, however these are slowly disappearing around the galaxy as laser technology is stolen, bought, or given away. Laser weapons are much like standard projectile weapons. There is a safety catch, the power pack is much the same as a magazine, there is a trigger, the laser beam is fired from a muzzle, but there is no need to load the ammunition. Once the safety is off the power pack can be depleted immediately without need to "load" anything.

Advantages of hand-held laser weapons

It is also possible to get more shots out of a laser weapon than it is out of standard projectiles, allowing for greater duration of the power pack compared to the magazine. Laser weapons are now at the point now where they are also as durable as projectile weapons, capable of being pulled through swamps if necessary and still fire without problem.

Types of laser discharges

There are two types of laser shot. One is the laser beam. This continuous beam is normally found on the laser rifle units. The beam will be visible for .75 seconds before it disappears. The air around the beam is super-heated, and since the beam is long, the problem of flash heat (heating up the environment around you rapidly) is much greater with laser beam weapons that laser shot weapons.

The second type of laser shot is a short burst of laser energy fired at the target. This short burst technique is found much more on the laser pistols than laser rifles because it consumes less energy so the power packs can be smaller. However it also does not provide the laser weapon with as much range nor does it do as much damage.

Standard weaponry equipped by the major powers

Terran Democratic Republic
VPW-104 Laser Rifle
EEX-42 Short-Range Laser Rifle
TAJ-391 Laser Pistol

Gohorn Directorate
Kli'zar Laser Rifle
Juar'An Short-Range Laser Rifle
Tuton Laser Pistol

Luna Minoris Confederacy
Issued to the Taurii Forces
LMR-IVA Laser Rifle
LMR-IVB Short-Range Laser Rifle
LMR-IVC Laser Pistol

Issued to the L'nhraei Forces
LR-IIIA Laser Rifle
LR-IVBeta Short-Range Laser Rifle
LR-IIIC Laser Pistol

Issued to the Dividian Forces
DR-IVA Laser Rifle
DR-IVB Short-Range Laser Rifle
DR-IVC Laser Pistol

Issued to the Ventaar Forces
GMR-IXA Laser Rifle
GMR-IXB Short-Range Laser Rifle
GMR-IXC Laser Pistol

Rosebourg Monarchy
SVG-17A Laser Rifle
SVF-19Z Short-Range Laser Rifle
SB9 "Little Prince" Laser Pistol

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