Woutar (Commodore)

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Basic Information

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Profession: Velakor Officer
Age: 58 years old
Date of Birth: 407.07.18
Height: 2.9 m
Weight: 130 kg
Eye: Black
Hair: Black
Skin/Fur: Green
Species: Gohorn
Citizenship: Gohorn Directorate
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Family History

Character’s Biography

Personal History:

Woutar has led a remarkable military career within the Gohorn Velakor. Wouter is very much concerned with ensuring that the men under his command act in a manner which reflects his own sense of values. He considers himself an honourable person and attempts, in the way in which he conducts his troops in battle, to reflect this aspiration towards an ever greater level of honour. Whilst he hopes that the men under his command respect him, he understands that if he is to continue in his career - that the important thing is he produces the greatest results. He hopes, some day to enter the history books.

Woutar is a tactician - who uses the element of surprise and unpredictability as his main fighting tools. Amongst his troops, he is considered to be a demanding man - he demands respect, and demands that his troops reflect this in their own actions. He is a man deeply influenced by a sense of honour that above all values life as a thing worth preserving. This is reflected in numerous occasions when Woutar has intervened to ensure his troops didn't needlessly kill or humiliate their captives. 

Childhood and Adolescence
Little is known of Woutar's early childhood, imply because there wasn't anything which seemed abnormal about Woutar. At birth, he was taken from his mother as is customary amongst the Gohorns. He was sent into a Hask'ya where he was trained in the elementary blocks of the warrior codes. Rumor has it that at age 13, Woutar observed a crowd of older Gohorn kids who were bullying another of their younger classmates. Woutar stepped in and fought alongside the younger classmate. Whilst, the two younger classmates were soundly beaten - it heavily influenced Woutar. His pride in "having done the right thing," would encourage him to do so later as a soldier. At the age of 25, Woutar, like his peers, entered the compulsory military service. Woutar was pegged for entry into the Gohorn Space Navy, also known as the Velakor.

The Academy
At the Velakor Academy, Woutar performed to his expectations. Whilst he didn't stand out particularly from his class, Woutar was deeply involved in extra-curricular activities as well. In his classes, Woutar proved an efficient tactician - but his instructors remarked that there was a tendency to stick to text book solutions rather than a real appreciation of the ideas behind those solutions. It would take several years of education before Woutar would eventually find his calling - his instructors having had a hard time determining whether he'd be better in Operations, Tactical Operations, or Intelligence. He was given further training as a candidate for Tactical Operations - a choice which would prove a godsend. Woutar graduated 20th of his class 5 years later and was assigned as a Tactical Operations assistant aboard the Val'Ral.

Career History
As an Assistant Tactical Operations officer aboard the Val'Ral, Woutar's education had proved to be quite standard. It wasn't expected that the young Woutar would prove to be anything extraordinary. However, what had been theoretical within the books - would prove much different in reality. Being actually on the starship with an actual position seemed to awaken Woutar from his dreaminess.

He performed extremely well as an Assistant Tactical Operations officer on the Val'Ral and was soon promoted to head the department, when his departmental head was promoted to XO. Woutar's ship was soon reassigned on duties along the Terran-Gohorn border, patrolling and hunting down pirates. The Val'Ral was responsible for destroying and arresting no less than 12 pirate vessels in its 3-year tour of duty. During this time, Woutar received two seperate commendations and was promoted. After 6 years, he rose to become the XO of the Val'Ral. As XO, Woutar worked on improving morale and capabilities.

Two years later, Woutar convinced his CO to propose the Val'Ral as lead ship to combat the Paladins. The Val'Ral succesfully took out the main Paladin starbase which Paladin pirates had created to further penetrate Gohorn territory. The action was deemed bold at the time, and the Val'Ral crew were recognised for these actions accordingly. Woutar was pointed by the senior ranks as having been instrumental in the Val'Ral's succesful mission and was promptly given a command. He was given command of the Etar, on recommendation of the 2nd Fleet Admiralty. The Etar made headlines when it became the first Gohorn warship to be assigned to OIP detail - Woutar's first contact with alien species awoken in him a real sense of place regarding the Gohorns. He was once quoted to have said "In all fields but one, Gohorns are equals to their OIP peers, and that is honour. None can be said to have more honour than a Gohorn in battle - for we meet this task with greater fervour, with greater care than any other species in the galaxy."

The Etar would perform admirably in OIP military exercises, and the knowledge he gained of other species' tactical procedures made him a valuable intelligence asset. He was recalled to the homeworld and then sent to the Gohorn Mission to the OIP, Terran Democratic Republic, and Rosebourg Monarchy where he became Tactical advisors to a number of officers who were on the fast track to flag-status. As they rose, so did he and he soon found himself rising in rank too.

However, Woutar determined that if he wanted to advance his career he needed to return to the fields. He requested and was granted a reassignment in the 2nd Fleet. It is here that he came in contact with some of Saljak's supporters. He would prove a formidable wing commander, his wing performing admirably well in all exercisesof the 2nd Fleet. Saljak was informed of this and once Saljak hears of his long tenure as a Military Advisor in the embassy of his enemies, he becomes more interested in this rising candidate. Saljak decides to gamble him, he is promoted to XO of the 2nd Fleet. It is Woutar's first assignment as vice-head of a massive fleet.

Promotion and Transfer Records
446.09.02 - Joined the Velakor Academy
451.07.05 - Graduated from Velakor Academy
451.07.21 - Posted GDS Val'Ral as Assistant Tactical Operations Officer with rank of Ensign
459.04.23 - Commendation for Good Service
460.08.03 - Promoted to Junior Lieutenant
461.03.30 - Commendation for Good Service
463.09.29 - Promoted to Chief Tactical Operations Officer with rank of Lieutenant
466.01.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as XO of the Val'Ral
467.01.04 - Commendation for Valour in Combat
467.08.12 - Promoted Battle Commander and assigned as CO of the Etar
470.11.11 - Etar becomes first Gohorn ship to participate in OIP maneuvers
473.12.01 - Commendation for Good Service
479.03.02 - Transfered to Velakor Headquarters as Tactical Advisor and promoted to Combat Captain
488.04.12 - Promoted to Commodore and assigned to the Gohorn Mission to the OIP as a Military Advisor
490.12.12 - Assigned to the Gohorn Mission to the TDR as a Military Advisor
495.04.03 - Assigned to the Gohorn MIssion to the Rosebourg Monarchy as a Military Advisor
500.08.09 - Reassigned to the 2nd Fleet and placed in command of a starship wing
502.12.09 - Promoted to XO of the 2nd Fleet.

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