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"They're going down northbound on Hless Avenue! Do you read me Alpha-10?? One of the Dividian police cars' co-pilots shouted, as the car was pushed to the limit, its sirens wailing.

"Alpha-11, this is Alpha 10, I read you, we're making our way down Taif Avenue, reinforcements have been dispatched!" The voice of one of the police hover-roadsters? pilot replied, as they too pushed their vehicles to their limits.

"Shots fired! Shots fired!"

"This is Alpha 10 to all vehicles in the region, we're taking weapon's fire from the hover-roadster gangs! I repeat; we're taking weapon's fire!"

"Alpha 10, this is Alpha-11, we're seeing you on our scopes!"

"Alpha 11, this is Alpha 10, get ready to do a U-turn! We're about to fly right past you!"

"Don't worry about us, just don't loose track of them!"

The pair of hover-roadster's sirens turned on, adding the choirs of electronic noises that warned the neighbourhood the police was out in force. In front of the police car was a crew of three hover-roadsters -  members of one of the many gangs the Dividian police tried to tackle. But this time, it was a little different; the hover-roadster gangs were heavily armed. One of the guys turned around and fired his laser rifle into the police car - the armour reflected the laser shot without much trouble as the police car picked up more speed.

Further down Hless Avenue, the police were setting up a hover barrage to stop the gang. The police cars were blocking traffic in all directions as the cars' laser rifles aimed blankly in front of them. The sirens and the flashing lights could be seen and heard for hundreds of meters as the police officers waited nervously for the arrival of the gang and their pursuing police vehicles. The gang leader looked back at the police car chasing them - he looked again, and the two hover-bikes that had just joined the chase. He pushed his engines faster - 200 kilometres per hour; he could feel his clothing wanting to tear away from him.

"Boss! Up ahead!! Police barrage!" He could hear in his helmet.

"Hang on to your seats, ladies, we're going to have to dodge!"

The Dividians opened fire at the hover-roadsters, as the gang's members dodged the shots easily. The gang leader took one look at the barrage, as he reached inside his pocket, pulling out three small balls.


He screamed at his gang, as they all applied the brakes, the pursuing police car and hover-roadsters flew right past him towards the barrage. As soon as he saw the three vehicles flying past them, he threw the balls into the barrage. As soon as they made contact with a vehicle, they exploded, sending the entire barrage up in flames. As the smoke parted, all that remained was burning shards - all of the police officers and their vehicles annihilated. The gang's leader looked at his crew.

"And that's what I call - police diversion."

"Boss! Report from the Jeliquo gang! They're being chased by 5 coppers! They need some back up!"

"Let's get going then! Where are they?"

"Over at Offsveldz!"

"Let's move it!" He kicked the throttle, as his hover-roadster climbed immediately in speed - there were a lot of coppers to keep diverted.
The Dividian school buildings consisted of a series of compounds of single-story stone buildings. It was one of the first buildings built in the new city that the Dividians hoped would increase trade profits in the region. The problem with the city was that it was located so close to the Rosebourg Monarchy, and quickly refugees of all sorts migrated in search of a new hope. The immigration problem soon proved to be too much, however and the new city quickly developed a richer Dividian district, and a poor immigrant district. The school now was six buildings spread around in a U-formation around the central courtyard. Each building with two large classrooms, split right in the middle so that each classroom was the same size.

The school was sparkly clean, its walls having been freshly painted with a new coat of iron-red paint. The funds had been provided by the Education Board, given to schools who excelled in the education of theology - schools with a higher percentage of Dividians were known to fare the best when it came to these sorts of fund allocation from the Dividian Education Board of the Faithful. Classes had already begun; all of the classes were busy learning what needed to be learned. The eldest child in the school was thirteen, and the school was fortunate enough to be placed outside of the Rosebourg-Terran ghetto. They called it the Rosebourg-Terran ghetto, but it was mostly Navaks and Avrans who lived in there (heartfelt citizens of the Rosebourg Monarchy even though this planet had never been a Rosebourg planet), Terrans were new immigrants to the planet. No one was really sure why they had come - but most of them were telepaths.

Dividians were particularly hard on Rosebourg students. "No Jim! That is not what the 130th protocol of the Prophecy is. Go stand in that corner!" The teacher had yelled as Jim stood up obediently and moved to the corner. "You!" She yelled at another Navak, "Strip him of all his clothes!" The Navak looked at his teacher in shock, "I said strip him of all his clothes!" The teacher yelled again more firmly than before. The Navak looked at Jim's eyes, his eyes begging him not to do it. "Ma'am, please don't make me do it." The teacher glared at him, as the student finally complied, his chair scraping in hesitation. The Navak walked to Jim, his hands squeezing Jim's shoulder to express in some way his apology. In the end, it was done. Jim stood the rest of the day, stripped and all he could remember was that no one had done anything about it. His hover-bike roared loudly, as they flew in front of the gate. The gang's bikes all combined made an impressionable noise. Damien, Jim's right-hand raised his gun and fired at the gate, forcing the gate to pry open. As the bikes came into the front courtyard, where the children were expected to pray obediently, Jim could remember the dark memories, which had coloured him over the years. He felt enraged, his rage welling up faster than he could ever see. He looked left and right, seeing on the right side corner of the schoolyards, the flag of the Dividian Nation flying proudly --- flying arrogantly proudly. He grunted, looking at Damien once more and staring at the school building. The school in the Rosebourg-Terran Ghetto hadn't been repainted in half a century - and yet this one had received a new coat of paint every single year.


"Yeah boss?"

"What's the word from the others?"

"Other gangs are doing A-OK, word's we've already got some coppers."

"Very good," Jim grabbed a ciggy from his side pocket - a habit he had picked up from the Terrans and lit it up, smoking a whiff, "Whatta ya think boys?"

"Nice school they got here," One of the boys replied, as he spat on the stone floor of the courtyard. 

"I'd say so too."

"Think the Dividians could have given us a bit?"

"Oh yeah?"

"I think so too."

"How about we blow the place to bits?"

"Sounds like a grand idea to me."

"How about we have some fun with them first," Jim suggested, as he looked at the administration building.

"Whatta ya mean boss?"

"I mean we show 'em who's in charge here," Jim tossed his cigarette on the praying grounds.
Damien's perverted head began to think, "Class to each of us?"

Jim nodded, "I think that's a fair share. If there are any free classes - just divvy up the treasure, okay?"

"Cool with me boss, how about you guys?" Damien looked at the crew, who began nodding their heads happily - some of them were already rubbing their crotches.

"Right, I don't want to know what happens in your classrooms, but I'm sure you'll figure something out. If you have any Navaks or Avrans or Terrans, you send them home, got it?" Jim looked at the gang, "We do not hurt our own," he made sure every word had emphasis.

"Hey boss."

"Yeah Damien?"

"Seems you've got some company."


"Yeah, look up," He nodded his head towards the Admin building.

The director of the school looked angry, as he stormed out of the building. Around his neck were the symbols of the school, the symbols of the religion that he was sworn to teach. His robes were well maintained, even if it they were simple drab colours. All members of the Dividian faith wore such colours, whether they worked in education, or the government, or the military - it was a sign of humility. This idea of humility was laughable in Jim's eyes. The director had no clue what was happening, as he approached the biker gang with his resolution to boot them out of the school. His face reeked of age - he had no idea that the times had changed.

"Kids, I don't know what you think you're doing, but this is a school," He stated politely as he stood in front of the bikes.

"It is, huh?" Jim replied in a disrespectful tone.

"You're going to have to leave otherwise we're going to be calling the police."

"Coppers, huh?"

"Yes, you know very well what I mean. I think it'll be better for everyone if you just leave."

"I think it'd be better if we stay," Jim looked at the biker gangs and smirked, "What do you think guys?"

"Oh yeah, we want our fun!"

"Kids, this is my last warning to you."

"Qlin," It was the title of a school director in the Dividian Nation.

"Yes?" The director replied.

"I think you're finished," Jim raised his laser gun and aimed it directly at the director's forehead as he cocked the gun - in five seconds time, the gun was shot and the director was dead.
Jim looked at the corpse that was lying in front of him, the blood seeping out of the director's head. He rolled his eyes, as he led his gang towards the centre of the courtyard. It was time for him to avenge what the Dividians had done to him so many years ago. He nodded to his gang, as they split up and went into the various buildings. Jim looked at the one straight ahead of him, Damien to his right. Already some of the gang members were inside the classrooms, raising their guns at the children and ordering the non-Dividians out of the classroom. The scared voices of children began to crowd the central courtyard. Damien disappeared into his classroom, and Jim soon forced the door of his - it was like entering a nightmare again.

Jim looked once at the straight lines of desks, remembering the teacher slapping the pain stick onto his fingers and sending electrical shocks through his body. He looked once at the Dividian teacher, she was a new teacher - but she was Dividian and she looked back at him with that same superior air all Dividian teachers had when they looked at him. He raised his gun, and pointed it at the teacher.

"I want the Rosebourg and Terran kids out of here."

"We're staying together."

He turned his gun and pointed it at the first Dividian kid in his range, "They're going out or I kill this one."

"NO!" She screamed.

"I want the Rosebourg and Terran kids out of here."

"K'leb, Nivri - do as the man says," The teacher waited, as the two kids obediently moved from their chair and ran out of the classroom.

"Now - " Jim glared at the teacher, "You do everything I say or I will shoot each and every of these kids."

Jim's eyes shot a glance at the classroom - he could see the look of fear staring back at him. The memories came back, hauntingly, refusing to let him go. As he walked to the front of the class and pointed his gun at one of the kids, he traveled back in time. 

"Strip your teacher!" The kid didn't react, and Jim raised his gun and slammed it against his face, "I said go strip your teacher!"

For the next hour, in every building of the school, the biker gang had their way with every single Dividian in the building. Having destroyed the virginity of each and every single child, the biker gangs appeared from their respective classrooms. Jim nodded to Damien, who pulled out the heavy artillery. He took one look at the school, the Rosebourg and Terran children having been pushed aside, safe from any harm. Within seconds, the projectiles fired upon the school buildings, and each and every single one of the buildings exploded, the brick, the wood, and the glass shattering with an explosive force that caused the ground to tremble.

"And that's how we do it," Jim commented coldly, as he got on his hover-bike, "Let's get out of here. Communications will soon be restored and the coppers will be here soon."
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