Jean-Jerome Trunks (Jay-Jay)

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Basic Information

Profession: Bartender for TealFox's Bar
Age: 23 years old
Date of Birth: 25/04/2480
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 73 kg
Eye: Light brown
Hair: Brown and blond
Skin/Fur: Pale
Species: Human
Citizenship: Terran Democratic Republic
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Family History

Parents: Jacques Trunks (father), Bella Zimmer (mother)
Siblings: Grace (27), Marie-Anabelle (28)

Character’s Biography

Personal History:

Jean-Jerome was born the last child of a union between Jacques Trunks (owner of a chain of bars on Earth) and Bella Zimmer (a politician and human rights advocate). Raised in an essentially nuclear family characterised by neighbours as loving and caring, Jean-Jerome and his family followed Bella Zimmer as she rose through the political ladders of the political scene on Earth. As Bella Zimmer's reputation for human rights and decency rose, so too did the frequency of Jean-Jerome and his siblings' journeys.

Although he was born in Monaco, on his third birthday, the family moved to new residence in Kinshasa where the family would remain for quite some times. Kinshasa housed the HQ of Earth's U.N. Human Rights Authority and Bella Zimmer had been promoted to the job. At the International School of Kinshasa, Jean-Jerome's grade were considered adequate and it was observed that he had great skills in the spheres of the art - skills that would be improved during his stay at the school.

Jean-Jerome's academic record would prove a constant nuisance in his relationship with his parents, both his sisters performed much better than he did in his academic studies, both went on to university and are now career diplomats for the Terran Democratic Republic.

Jean-Jerome's first encounter with space occured when he turned 13. His mother decided that it would be good for Jean-Jerome to see some of the universe and so took him with her to her new assignment. Due to the nature of his job, Jacques Trunks stayed on Earth along with the rest of the family.

His mother was dispatched to the Organisation for Interstellar Peace as the highest ranking specialist on issues of rights of sentient life. His father and his mother maintained regular contact doing their best to see each other as often as possible over the next few years. Bella Zimmer sat on a series of important Committee on the Rights of Sentient Life meetings.

Jean-Jerome's first real encounter with alien species dazzled him, so much so that on his 14th birthday the boy went missing. He was later found in a bar discussing heatedly with the Architects, Gohorn, and Avran customers who would win the next Interstellar Games. Bella Zimmer was so horrified by the event that she requested her husband retake Jean-Jerome.

Jean-Jerome was adamently against this decision and his academic grades in turn fell. He barely managed to graduate, and after several discussions with his father, Jean-Jerome and Jacques agreed that Jean-Jerome would not persue university studies. Instead, Jacques attempted to get him a job somewhere closer to his mother who had now risen to the rank of Deputy Head of the Terran Mission to the O.I.P.

It wouldn't be until several years after he reached the legal age that he would leave Earth again, electing to take a job at his uncle's bar despite having been offered a job at the Terran Mission to the O.I.P. He has been working there for the better part of the year and is known by the local girls as a hearthrob and by the local mothers as a bad influence on their children.

Residence and Travel Records
  • Born Monaco City, Monaco HD: 480.25.01
  • Moved from Monaco City to Kinshasa, Zaire HD: 483.01.08
  • Entered International School of Kinshasa: 485.03.09
  • Moved from Kinshasa, Earth to Lekta, Narimbar: 493.03.05
  • Entered Terran School of Lekta: 493.04.06
  • Moved from Lekta, Narimbar to Kinshasa, Earth: 494.08.08
  • Re-entered International School of Kinshasa: 494.03.09
  • Graduated International School of Kinshasa: 498.22.05
  • Moved from Kinshasa, Earth to Starport Nuribis: 502.01.01

For information

Author’s Notes on the Character:

Jean-Jerome doesn't have many aspirations in life. He aspires most to see the universe, having been observed many times in class stargazing. How he hopes to achieve that however has yet to be decided by the young and brash Jean-Jerome.


Jean-Jerome is a bit of a charmer, and is well aware of this. He attempts his best to appear to all in his entourage to be shy, but there are a few that have seen past this shell to realize this is used in order to charm women. Jean-Jerome tends to be driven more by his hormones than anything else. He often decides thing on impulse rather than reason. Jean-Jerome also likes a good party, he can be found in all of Nuribis' hippest dance floors, impressing all with his dancing abilities picked up when he lived in sub-Saharan Africa.

This character is an NPC character available for use by anyone who needs the character to answer drinking and food orders at TealFox's Bar, writing team members who are in charge of girl characters are likewise permitted to have this character flirt with them.

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