James In`t Veld (2nd Lieutenant)

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Basic Information

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Profession: UNPPF Officer
Age: 27 years old
Date of Birth: 27, 27 Apr, 2479
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 70 kg
Eye: Green, shifting to blue or gray depending on the light
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin/Fur: Pale
Distinguishing Feature: Appears tall, and slim to most, calm, well-mannered
Species: Human
Citizenship: Terran Democratic Republic
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Family History

Parents: Herman In`t Veld (father), Sandra Int'veld born van den Berg (mother)
Siblings: Elean In`t Veld

Character’s Biography

Personal History:


James Int'veld was born in the quiet city of Luxembourg, a city he would spend all of his childhood. His parents were not particularly adventurous people. In fact, during his entire childhood, the farthest he would ever go was a school trip to Brussels - 211 kilometres away. In an age where certain commuters travelled daily from Canberra to New York, such distances were considered by the 26th century to be ridiculously small.

Yet the Int'velds did not have a tradition of small-mindedness. James' family origins stretch far back in time. The Int'veld family has a long tradition of politics, indeed Sophie Int'veld was an infuential Dutch member of the European Parliament before the European Union adopted a constitution. Another Int'veld (Jaap Int'veld) was an influential and ardent supporter of the infamous European Union surrender of power to the United Nations, a gesture that would later lead to thecreation of the Terran Democratic Republic.

James Int'veld's parents to a certain extent continued the political legacy of their family. His father, Herman Int'veld had just been nominated by the Dutch government to fill a position at the European Court of Justice, seated in Luxembourg, when news came to the famiy that Herman's wife Sandra Int'veld (formerly van den Berg) was pregnant. It was thus with a double dose of good news that the couple moved to Luxembourg. Herman to continue his rise through the European ladders of justice, whilst Sandra Int'veld would adopt a time-honoured role of house-wife. James would much later in his life have a little brother Elean Int'veld who is 14 years younger than James.

James was raised in comfortable settings. Despite his family's Dutch roots, the family during his entire childhood never once returned to the Netherlands. James was raised as a Luxembourger and would often need to be reminded that all his heritage was profoundly Dutch!


James was a devoted student - he had no choice. His mother observed closely his every move to ensure that he was a model student in school, and a model son at home. James was expected to do his chores, to do his homework, to be well behaved in school. Unbeknowst to her, Sandra was raising a son who would later become a model soldier.

In school, James excelled in mathematics and history. He came to draw very strong roots within his schools. Despite being seen by the other kids as being spoiled and well off, James applied himself in his social life to earn the respect of his peers.

James' father was rarely present in his childhood development, and only attended the most important ceremonies in young James' life. James developed a close relationship with his mother, a relationship that would be strained when he began considering enlisting within the UNPPF.

Whilst his class split between those who attended further education, those who instead chose to begin a career early, James began to feel like he was missing out on something. His soul searching landed him in a recruiting session organised by the UNPPF. The recruiters there talked about wonderous adventures whilst doing some good, peacekeeping operations in far off land where soldiers were there to help bring about peace.

For the first time in his life, James' imagination was exercised. Despite strong opposition from his mother, and a less than thrilled response from his father James enrolled in the UNPPF - he was 20 years old.


Pre-Destiny Campaign History

James was selected to serve within the ground forces of the UNPPF and was trained at Heliotrope Academy in Egypt. It was the first time he realised that there was much more to Earth than he could have ever imagined. Despite his realisation, he found himself in the midst of young recruits who also had never been much farther than 211 kilometers away from their home cities. The reasons were profoundly different, however, whilst James' parents had become unwilling to explore the world any further, the parents of the other recruits simply couldn't afford it.

Training was rough - but James performed quite well - to the surprise of many of his superior officers. James graduated in the top 10 percentile of his class and was assigned to the regiment he currently serves in. He was 22 years old. He rose through the ranks quickly, and received two citations for excellent conduct during peacekeeping operations. At 24 years old, he was named Staff Sergeant and XO of 3rd Platoon. Two years later When the war broke out between the Gohorns and the Terran Democratic Republic, UNPPF began expanding the size of the regiment to a full battle-ready regiment. James was withdrawn from the regiment and transferred to Officer Candidate School. Following succesful completion of Officer Candidate School, 3 months later, he was returned to his current regiment, a 2nd Lieutenant, and was given command of 1st Platoon.

For the past 8 weeks, James has been training his new platoon. The regiment has just been ordered to deploy to Nuribis where they are awaiting orders.

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