Standard Issue Weapons of the Gohorn Armed Forces

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laser gun

Listing of the standard issue weapons for the Gohorn Directorate's Armed Forces

The weapons listed below are those which are issued to Gohorn soldiers. Lots of different models of weapons, as well as other less conventional weapons also exist, however those are corporation made and are not issued by the Directorate to their soldiers.

  • Laser Pistol
    Tuton Pistol

  • Short Range Laser Rifle
    Juar'An Rifle

  • Laser Rifle
    Kli'zar Rifle

  • Long Range Laser Rifle
    Graz'It Rifle

  • Plasma Fire Gun
    Dar'Een Gun

  • Energy Grenade
    Lak'Ort Grenades

  • Stun Grenade
    Bas'Wer Grenades

  • Energy Grenade Launcher
    Man'Vec Launcher

  • Hand-Held Missile Launcher
    Jos'Xak Launcher

  • Personal Armour
    Narto Armour
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