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Census Details

Homeworlds: Narimbar
Major Species: Architects
Territory: 1 star systems
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Pacifists, skilled diplomats, harmonious society
Weak military, reclusive tendencies
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


The Architects are a name spoken on a thousand worlds. The most renowned of the neutral species, The Architects name were not spoken amongst much amongst the inner government circles of the larger intergalactic nations until the very end of the 24th century. The Architects proposed the Grand Experiment for Peace in 2393, and it was to revolutionise galactic politics for the next century.

Prior to their proposal of the "Grand Experiment," the Architects had been friendly, yet mostly reclusive race, whom amongst many races did not even have a name.

 The title of "The Architects," was coined by a Rosebourg diplomat, Kim Perrie, on the signing of the O.I.P charter in 2407 in a speech he gave to the collected diplomats, in which he said "Today we have stepped over a new threshold, and entered a new day for the way this galaxy conducts business. These Architects, these Creators of Peace, deserve our thanks, not just from us, but from our children, their children, and for all our posterity yet to come."

From that day it stuck as an official title, as the true name of the Architects is impossible for most species to pronounce. The Architects did not mind the name, indeed they seemed pleased.

Current Government Type:

The local government of The Architects is limited, comprising a democratically elected Council, who are responsible for managing the planet. Since crime is virtually non-existent (because of their pacifistic nature), there is little need for the Council to create a lot of legislation.

Overall, relations between all Architects are incredibly good, almost unrealistically good when compared to other races, and so the need for a large government is much less.

Social, Economic, Cultural Details:

The social structure of the Architect culture is very complex. Cultural experts have a hard time understanding it, and Architects have a hard time explaining it because their cultural interaction is something which seems natural to them.

Regarding language, the Architects have a very good grasp of languages. Whilst many species can not speak their language, they can easily speak and comprehend almost all of the languages of the Universe. The complexity of their language reflects the complexity of their culture.

Family units amongst the Architects have yet to be fully understood by anyone who is not an Architect. There are five sexes, three akin to "she" and two akin to "he", and this has caused the inter-familial relationships to be well structured.

Architects are a pacifistic nation, believing that war is acceptable under no circumstances. They are also lovers of nature and are closely bonded to their environment. Their cities are unobtrusive and well spread out, providing for plenty of natural park land and greenery within the boundaries of the city. They are also capable of travelling through the trees of their jungle world, a habit left over from the ancient days.

The Architects are highly skilled artisans. Some of the finest and most highly sought-after work in the galaxy is that of the Architects, who generously ask very little for their work, which they believe to almost spiritual in nature.

Whilst there is no religion per say in the Architect culture, the practice of creativity is revered. Artisans from all over the galaxy have been known to come to Narimbar to study with the Architects, and they invariably leave enlightened.

An expression of the creative nature of all Architects is their clothing. They wear robes, on which is stitched patterns and shapes which are supposed to reveal the events of the life of that particular Architect, though few non-Architects understand what the symbols, shapes and stitches mean.

Military Details:

The Architects are a fiercely pacifistic race, and therefore have no standing military of any kind.

The protection of the Narimbar system is provided by the O.I.P. defence force, made up of ships and personnel loaned from other governments.

Additional Details:
The Architects are a highly intelligent, highly perceptive species, whose appearance is most akin to the Earth gorilla. Their ears are larger however, and they can either walk on two or four legs.

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