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Following you will find ios of characters that either evolved due to a thread and have developed in to enough of a character as to warrant a bio with a history. Take note that these are primarily NPC (non player characters to the uninitiated) and as such will be available for use in your stories subject to the bios and few other restrictions. These are my restrictions not the games (I think I need to note that as I am in my AOM mode) First is that the characters are not advance-able so a Captain is always going to be a Captain. For the most part the characters will be higher ranking characters with more advanced skills. You need pre-approval to use a character from myself or another of the AOMs or NWCLs, I have the utmost trust in their judgement. So look for the following characters to appear soon 

Arie Van Strand 
Ken Reardon 
Jimmie Potts 
Sarah Walker Painter 
Angela Walker 
Dr. "K" 
Ben Steiner 
Monique Simmons 
Jason Mancini

Stay tuned for further developments 
Location: Department of Personnel
In-Story Timestamp: 01/1/2516
By AOM Glenn
Delivery to central files Maastricht 
Post subject: [Inactive personnel Service File: Montgomery R Walker Updated profile for inactive military per UN 876.01.064a] 
Department of Personnel Records 
Personnel Number: 609 - 888 - 017 
Designation Internal not for public 

Officer Name: Montgomery R Walker 
Officer Rank: Lt Cdr 
Current Assignment: Non-active 

Basic Information 

Species: Human 
Age: 37 
Date of Birth: 466.06.09 
Height: 73" or 6'1" 
Weight: 189# 
Hair Color: Brown 
Eye Color: Hazel 
Distinguishing Marks: 4.5" Scar on left thigh 

Family Information 

Parents: Geoffery Walker 
Jennifer Walker 

Siblings: Geoffery Walker II (Deceased) 
Sarah Walker Painter 
Charles F Walker 

Psychological Information Evaluation done by Col G Moore per UN 789.25.6g 

To prove, once and for all, that he does not need anything from his father or family to become successful in his own right and on his own terms. He especially wants to get out from under the shadow of his now deceased (War Hero) brother Geoffery II. It is particulary irksome because he is a war hero himself being an ace 8 times over. In his mind though, he can not get over the fact that his brother died leading a planetside charge deep in Gohorn Space. He feels he has disappointed his father all his life and he is sure that his decision to leave military service for a civilian life has disgraced his father and family forever. He took a lower end job at Terra Publishing instead of the ready made Executive postion at Dominion Publishing and Media where his father sits on the board. The now surfaced rift between father and son has its roots from early in Monty's life. Monty has not spoken to his father for almost 7 years now and has not had any kind of contact with the rest of the family for almost 3 years except his mother Jennifer. 

To most people Monty seems aloof, distant. He forms very rare relationships and seems out and out bitter at times while absolutely charming at others to those that do get past the initial wall he throws up around himself. He has had a recent short bout of womanizing, which is totally outside his normal behavior. 

Personal History 

Child-hood and Adolescence 
Monty grew up first as a military brat. As the family deployed throughout the Terran Dominion, his father was away more and more. Then as Geoffery I began his spectacular rise in rank, his chldren saw less and less of him. So, Monty began to be raised by surrogates. In particular, Monty's tutor began to shape his mind. He was steeped in literature and history of not only Terra but the other space cultures, as well. Monty, on his 16th birthday, began drafting a letter of intent for entrance into Oxford, when any plans of an English Gentleman's education were dashed with the announcement of Geoffery II's appointment to Hera III's UNPPF Academy to the Class of 87 and Monty's appointment to the Class of 88. Suprisingly, Monty took the news with a certain resolve, to be a son not only of a general but "The General", it would be natural that he would become a cadet. His mentor pointed out that The Academy allowed both literature and history as major courses of study as well. So, Monty approached his term at the Academy with a very positive attitude which led to a distiguished stay at Hera III. 

The Academy 
Montgomery R Walker Entered the UNPPF Military Academy on 484.09.01, electing History as his primary course of study, LaCrosse as his competitve sport and flight as his military specialty. Monty had elected to go to the Summer Military Orientation and served limited service in each of the military speciaties, Monty fell in love with fightercraft from the instant he was thrust out of the bay of a carrier. Not that he was a natural, but flying was to more than make up for any regrets that he may of had of missing the chance to attend Oxford. Monty was a model student as was his older brother Geofffery II, unusual in that family appointments tend to be problems at the Academy, but not the Walkers, they were disciplined, excelled scholastically, Geoffery II excelled in sports and Monty was adequate in his sport. Both were miliitariily exceptional and rose to leadership quickly in their respective Classes, both to achieve the coveted Regimental Commander position in the 87 and 88 Classes. 

Career History 
Upon graduation Ensign Walker was assigned to Fighter Training Squadron 10 for 50 weeks of intensive flight and weapons training. Upon completion at 4th in his class in the Training Group, he was assigned to Fighter Wing Bravo Flight Zulu on the UNSS Virginia and deployed on extended peace patrol into pirate territory. Deployment was for a period of 48 Terran months in that time he flew 156 patrols with 16 engagements with pirates recording 16 kills and earning a the "Ace of Spades" insignia to be displayed on his fightercraft. Upon returning to Port in 492, he was transferred to the UNSS Kasmere as Flight Leader of Alpha Wing Bravo Flight. The UNSS Kasmere was assigned to undisclosed classified orders and was deployed for a period of 80 Terran months. Upon return to The Roosevelt shipyards, Monty abruptly resigned his commission and leaves military service. The reason given is personal reasons. Having served the required 4 years of service, the acceptance was automatic. After leaving service, Monty worked several places, eventually choosing an entry level editor job with Terra Publications Inc. He has made a fairly rapid rise up the ladder culmiinating with his recent appointment to CEO of the publishing firm. 

Promotion and Transfer Records 
484.09.01 Appointment to UNPPF Academy on Hera III as Cadet 
485.05.31 Appointment as Cadet Adjutant Batallion Commander Batallion Charlie 
486.05.31 Appointment as Cadet Adjutant Regimental Commander Hera III 
487.05.31 Appointment to Cadet Regimental Commander Hera III 
488.05.31 Graduation commisioned Flight Cadet assigned to to Training Squadron 10 
488.11.29 Certified combat ready and advanced to the rank of Flight Officer. Assgned UNSS Virgina Flight Zulu Bravo Wing. 
492.04.03 Advanced to the rank of Flight Officer. Assigned as Flight Leader Zulu Wing Xray Flight, Sarah marries Henry Painter 
492.12.18 Transfered to UNSS Kasmere assigned as Flight Leader Flight Bravo Alpha Wing 
495.05.31 Advanced to the rank of Flight Lieutenant and assigned as Flight Leader Flight Alpha Alpha Wing 
496.01.28 Resigned commission and separated service. 
497.02.29 Started work at Terran Publishing Inc as Editor non-fiction 
499.04.13 Promoted to Division Head Non-Fiction 
501.11.03 Promoted to Vice President of Books 
502.09.01 Promoted to Vice President Media 
503.08.06 Promoted to CEO TPI 

Additional Notes 
Is a principal in a suit of paternity of Angela Maria Walker? Daughter of Monique Simmons. DNA test pending and the mother has offered to drop the suit for compensation.
Married to Velvet DeAncer, Son Mikhal DeAncer Walker
Location: Department of Personnel-Narimbar
In-Story Timestamp: 01/1/2516
By AOM Glenn
Delivery to : Central Files Narimbar 
Department of Personnel Records 
Personnel Number: 707 505 998 

Officer Name: Toylar Perthaon 
Officer Rank: Cadet (inactive reserve) 
Current Assignment: 2nd Comm Keyholder Terran Publishing Inc 

Basic Information 

Species: Avran 
Age: 15 
Date of Birth: 488.10.01 
Height: 7' 2" 
Weight: 272 lbs 
Hair Color: Golden-Orange 
Eye Color: Green 
Distinguishing Marks: none noted 

Family Information 

Parents: Father: MajorToykar Mother: Emmisary-General Hann-Perthaon 
Siblings: Sisters: Taan, Patoa 
Brothers: Toka, Grans 

Psychological Information 

Aspirations: To travel. He wants to see more than the Architect's Homeworld and the Nuribis station 
A small note about what motivates the character: Toylar wants very much to feel part of a team. He realizes satisfaction with the success of the team or organization in which he belongs. Toular did well in the private military academy he attended until he was forced out of the military pipline at least temporarily 

Toylar is eager to please and works single mindedly towards the goals of the group 

Personal History 

Child-hood and Adolescence 
Toylar was born the first son in a litter of 5, the litter was born on Narimbar, this would impact he and his siblings later. At the age of 13 he and his siblings were stranded In Architect space. 

The Academy 
Toylar was inducted into a private military school on Narimbar at the age of 7. Toylar was an average student in most ways but showed distinct skills technically particularly in 3 dimensional navigation and communications, however he was discouraged from this as both his parents were leery of the Spacefaring cats. At Age 12 he recieved a commission to Cadet as was possible through a special program for Avrans. Toylar was well on his way to a commission, His father was very proud and he felt very worthwhile, then, disaster struck. When he was 13, and soon to be a Senior Cadet and begin a deployment, news arrived that for security reasons, only Cadets born in Rosebourg space would be eligible for commission until a more stable time. As a courtesy, all who found themselves in such a situation were placed in an inactive status and noted that training will be suspended until a more "appropriate" time. The ruling was more severe, in fact, as "expatriate born" avrans were not to be allowed to return to Monarchy space. 

Career History 
Toylar, faced with the need to provide for his family in a semi-hostile environment, found a job opening for a comm messenger with Terran Publishing. He simply was overskilled for the job and within 3 weeks was the 6th Keyholder, with rapid succession he found hmself with the good fortune of being the 2nd Keyholder as the 1st through 4th keyholders left for Dominion Publishing in the huge shake up at TPI, with the promotion and raise that went with it, he now could provide a modest, but comfortable life for himself and his bothers and sisters 

Promotion and Transfer Records 
495.01.01 Inducted into Narimbar Space Academy 
500.02.15 Appointed to rank of Cadet 
501.06.29 Placed on Cadet inactive status 
501.07.04 Started as Comm Messenger for TPI 
501.07.25 Appointed 6th Keyholder 
503.06.01 Promoted to 2nd Keyholder 

Additional Note: He is presently trying to find work for 2 brothers and 1 sister 
Location: Botany Bay Specs
In-Story Timestamp: 01/1/2516
By AOM Glenn
Proposed Botany Bay Specs

UNSS Botany Bay Science Research Vessel (TDR)


Name: U.N.S.S Botany Bay
Fleet Registry: SRV 113
Ship?s Motto: "Searching The Unknown to To Make It KNown.?
Commissioning Date: Earth Date: July 11th of 2492, Hyperdate: 492.11.07
Current Assignment: Exploratory and Scientific research
Class: Botany Bay
Type: Scientific Research Vessel (Military)
Classification: Scientific Support 
Model: ITC 45696
Construction Site: Hera Ship Yards 
Sister Ships: 11 sister ships including the UNSS Jacques Costeau, UNSS Lewis and Clark, and UNSS Marco Polo.

The Botany Bay class starships have a particularly specialized mission statement. To provide a mobile spaceborne platform for scientific research of all sorts. The best known feature of The Botany Bay Class Research Vessel is the variable configuration capability. The ship is a framework on which modules of different sizes, weights and shapes can be attached. This provides the ability for the ship to be on station doing their research while the next missions modules are being prepared and makes the turn around time minimal. The static portion of the ship features a Command Center, a Central Framework with two Atmospheric Research Ships/Probe Bays, The central Framework houses the support, crew and staff quarters and living spaces. The Power and Engineering Section houses 4 Vortex I Engines as well as a sub-Vortex navigaing propulsion system. The ship does has the two permanent Bays, though if needed additional Ship Bays can be attached. The ship has the capability for extended missions depending on configuration, however the average mission is 20 to 50 months long.


Length: 420 Meters
Beam: 240 Meters
Height: 180 Meters/ 22-58 Decks (Variable Configurations)
Gross Mass: 860,000 to 2,433,000 Tons (Variable Configurations)

The U.N.S.S Botany Bay, a variable configured research ship, was designed to incorporate a massive area of deck space for scientific reseach and testing. Incorporating the latest in technology, the U.N.S.S Botany Bay flexible size allows her a broad range of research uses but her poer and propulsion systems does make the ship fairly slow and not very agile. She does have some armor but not a great deal, as her missions are non-combat.


Standard Compliment: 480 crewmembers/Staff
12 Senior Line Officers 8 non line Medical officers (MDs) 150 Junior officers and enlisted personnel. 300 civilian specialists (up up to 720 depending on the mission, but will not exceed this number, the Staff is civilian but is under military authority while underway.

U.N.S.S Botany Bay Roster

Line Officers: 12 Senior Officers
Other Officers: 4 Medical Officers (MD, The Senior Medical Officer is a senior Line officer to make a total of 5 MDs) 8 Junior medical officers officers, 24 junior officers

Enlisted Crewmen: 132 Enlisted Men
Other Crew (Specialists): Up to 720 Specialists

Being a research vessel, the U.N.S.S Botany Bay will be sent on missions of low danger, crewmembers are not asked to keep their families away from the ship, in fact families are encouraged aboard ship and support in the way of education. and juvinile socialization. Pediatric and obstretics is part of the medical staff's specialties.

Vortex Drive & Thruster Speeds Capabilities

Vortex Power Core & Vortex Exhaust Construction & Assembly: Vector Vortex LTD, Sigma Iota

The Vortex power core in the U.N.S.S Botany Bay is among the lowest maintenance power core that has been designed yet for military application (however this means that it is not as fast as it could be.) The designers of the power core decided to compromise between speed and space. With a lower maintenance power core, the ship requires less engineering personnel and thus has more research space. The power core must be disengaged every 24 hours for 4 hours in order to recharge. The Vortex and the Vortex Exhausts? construction were completed on Hyperdate: 462.17.10 on Sigma Iota.

Vortex Drive Type: Vector Vortex Variable Geometry VECV/VECSHP-V-XII Class

The Vortex drive aboard the Botany Bay Science Research Vessel is nothing special. The massive proliferation of the class of ship has demanded that there be nothing special for its engine. There is a need to make the ships quickly and efficiently, because there is always more demand as the frontiers of space widen and older ships go out of service because of over-use. Thus it is that the VECV/VECSHP-V-XII is one of the most unimpressive and standard Vortex Drives in the galaxy.

Maximum Rated Speed: 5,376,000 kilometers per second using a Vortex drive
Maximum Cruise Speed: 5,001,295 kilometers per second using a Vortex drive
Flank Speed: 4,002,648 kilometers per second using a Vortex drive
Normal Cruising Speed: 3,000,005 kilometers per second using a Vortex drive
Standard Range of Vessel: 1 month, 2 weeks

Standard Range of Vessel: 1 month

Thruster Engine Construction & Assembly: Vortex Engines, Sigma Iota
Impulse Engine Type: Vector Starship Thruster Drive (VEC-THST-1189BAS)

Acceleration from Station Keeping to Full Thruster Speed (.25c): 9.00 Seconds
Maximum Velocity: .85c (Ship can only hold this speed for 2.1 seconds)
Maximum Yaw, Pitch, and Roll: 7 Degrees per Second (180 degree turn takes 25.7 seconds) 

Ship Duration

Expected Structural Lifetime: 215 years
Number of Projected Upgrades/Refits: 116 Upgrades/ 54 Refits
Time between Refits: Approximately 4 years (can be extended to 10 years, or lowered to 1)

Computer Types: IBM 7200B
3 AMD Apache Server farms with 120 sever pods
5 Intel Commanche Engineering and Operations cores. (Cross confugurable)

Science & Sensor Capabilities

Long Range Sensor Suite: (Unclassified)
---- Wide and Narrow Active EM scanners: ASC (Avran Sensors Company), Avran Prime 
---- 3.0-meter Gamma Ray telescopes: Newton Optical System, Mars
---- Lifeform analysis cluster w/ DNA coding scan: Bernon Space Avionics Company, Rosebourg Prime
---- Subspace Specialized Scanners (multipurpose): Itermuon Technologies, Alpha Centauri
---- Thermal & Energy imaging Sensors: General Electric Electronics, Earth
---- Planetary Imaging and simulations Observation Sensors: Evans and Sutherlands, Alpha Centauri
---- Other sensors available to the vessel that are covered by the Intelligence Acts that are not listed

Lateral Sensors: (
---- 100 lateral sensor pallets are available for the ship?s use as well as 35 specialized planetary sensor pallets, which allow for quick analysis of planetary and other ceslestial bodies. 

Passive Combat Sensors:(Unclassified)
---- Active Combat Analysis Detection Grid (ACADG): Constructed by Boeing, Hera III
---- Long Range Combat & Combat Acquisition Analysis Sensors: Constructed by Ford Space Technologies, Hera III
---- Other sensors available to the vessel that are covered by the Intelligence Acts that are not listed

Active Combat Sensors:

Science Systems Acquisition:

Number of Science Labs: 1-12
Number of Probes Available: 250-1250
Number of Science Specialists: Varies by mission

Weapons Systems


Deflector Systems

Counter Measures: 
Counter Measures Type: Anthrax Countermeasures 
Counters Measures Manufacturer: Omega Deflector Systems Division, Rosebourg Prime
Range of Countermeasures: 680,000 kilometers
Countermeasures Payload: 20

Support Crafts

2 AEC (Atmospheric Expeditionary Craft)

Cargo Bays & Cargo Capacity Information

Number of Cargo Bays: Varies depending on configuration
Location of Cargo Bays: Varies depending on configuration
Maximum Capacity of Cargo Bays (Total): Varies depending on configuration
Secondary Usage: Varies depending on configuration

Research Facilities Information


It is difficult to try to describe a standard outfitted othertthan to not that ususally there are 4 projects ongoing on a mission. The waiting list to participate on a cruise for any of the 12 active research vessels stretch for decades. The ships operate in a two mission/refit cycle 


Crew Capacity

Regular Complement:
150 Military personnel
20 Lead researchers
60 Level I Researchers
120 Level II Researchers
200 Level III Researchers
Total Complement: 250 Medics

Maximum Staff:
150 Military personnel
30 Lead researchers
90 Level I Researchers
180 Level II Researchers
300 Level III Researchers

Projected Resupplies:
Resupplies: Once every 6 months
Refits: Once every 4 years

The U.N.S.S Botany Bay scientific staff has been complimented in numbers of staff comparable to a 20th Century research facility. This has been designed as to provide the needed numbers of theoretical and technical personnel to maintain reseach profects in the thousands during the scope of a mission. 

Deck-by-Deck U.N.S.S Botany Bay

Total # of Decks: 26

Command Section
Length 135 meters
Beam 240 meters
Height 180 meters
Deck 01: Main Bridge, Captain?s Office, and Executive Officer?s Office 
Deck 02: Senior Officer's Quarters and Wardroom
Deck 03-06: Junior Officers? Quarters
Deck 07: Med-Deck 1 
Deck 08: Sensor Array Monitoring II, Computer Core I
Deck 09: Sensor Array Monitoring I, Computer Core II
Deck 10: Weapons Missile Firing system
Deck 11: Weapons Laser Turrets 

Ships Central Framework Section
Length 270 meters
Beam 80 meters
Height 45 meters
Deck 12: Staff Quarters
Deck 13: Main Support Crafts Bay I
Deck 14: Main Support Crafts Bay I
Deck 15: Cargo Bays, Scientific
Deck 16: Central Supply Ships Operations

Ships Propulsion and Engineering Section
Length 135 meters
Beam 240 meters
Height 180 meters
Deck 17: Central Engineering, Main Computer Core, Engineering Support
Deck 18: Weapons Laser Turrets
Deck 19: Mess Hall 
Deck 20: Secondary Computer Core
Deck 21: Vortex Drive 
Deck 22: Vortex Drive Service Entry Ports/ Sublight Propulsion and Power Production
Deck 23: Vortex Maintenance and Cooling Systems
Deck 24: Vortex Exhaust Pipes
Deck 25: Vortex Drive
Deck 26: Vortex Drive Service Entry Ports

There can be up to 4 reseach modules attached to the ship. The modules are not designated by decks but rather by Sectors and floors. A breakdown floor by floor would be impossible of course as each module is "configured to order." A popular Module would be set up as such: 
Floor 01 Division A,B and C Buffer and access to Module
Floor 02 Division A and B Administration and Staff offices
Floor 02 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 03 Division A and B Laboratory area
Floor 03 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 04 Division A and B Laboratory area
Floor 04 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 05 Division A and B Laboratory area
Floor 05 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 06 Division A and B Laboratory area
Floor 06 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 07 Division A and B Laboratory area
Floor 07 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 08 Division A and B Laboratory area
Floor 08 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 09 Division A and B Laboratory area
Floor 09 Division C Storage and Cargo Area
Floor 10 Emmergency Medical and Quarantine access
Floor 11 Emergency Medical and Quarantine Area
Floor 12 Division 1,2 and 3 Buffer and egress to Exterior of Ship

Note: This configuration is an example and does not take into consideration the variety of projects and needs to any given mission.

The Central frame can accept up to 6 Modules the minimum demensions would be:
Length: 200 Meters
Beam: 60 Meters
Height: 45 Meter

Maximum Demensions:
Length: 270 Meters
Beam: 80 Meters
Height: 45 Meter
Location: Department of Personnel
In-Story Timestamp: 01/1/2516
By AOM Glenn
Department of Personnel Records
Personnel Number: 425 - 626 - 111-888
Officer Name: Richard McGrath
Officer Rank: Captain
Current Assignment:132nd Regiment
Government: TDR

Basic Information

Species: Human
Age: 29
Date of Birth: 476.29.10
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Marks:No identifiable scars or blemishes nor tattoos

Family Information

Charles T McGrath, Father
Wendy Saunders McGrath, Mother

Cassandra M. Hyatt. 26
Pastor Josiah McGrath, 24

Psychological Information

Aspirations: Richard is currently considering whether to make the military his career. He is comfortable in the military and is generally well liked by his men and satisfies his superiors, He graduated from the academy with an engineering degree and has been told by his father that Eneral Electric is very interested in his work on energy production. (The Subject of His senior year Project.

A small note about what motivates the character: Richard is one that wants the respect of his subordinates and believes that he needs to earn it daily. He is careful to walk the thin line between becoming a buddy and losing his authority and still remain in a situation to be a comrade to his men. He concientiously works to the resolution of assignments and does so with the safety of whomever is under his command, it makes for hard decisions, and the rap on McGrath is that he is not aggressive enough, though he always meets command objectives. 

A small note about what kind of personality the character has

He is conscientious and fiercely protective of his men. He makes friends easily and is rather laid back and outside of a mission runs a fairly relaxed unit. While in combat however, he is by the book but will always err on the side of keeping his people safe, always though mindful of the need to reach objectives. To that end he is always training his platoon in methods of efficiencies. He is friendly and not aloof, but not generally chummy either. Though he does have a small circle of friends. He tends to keep company with officers and senior enlisted in the regiment when not working with his people.

Personal History

Child-hood and Adolescence
A paragraph on the character?s life prior to the academy: McGrath was born in 2476, in what was formerly norhern Mexico, to a family of professionals, his father was a CPA and his mother an accomplished pianist and Professor of Music. Perhaps that is where he gained his appreciation of many types of music. He had the opportunity while growing up to sing with an opera comany several times, however his ability in Quarkspinning quickly got him offers to attend prepatory schools all over Earth. He chose to remain close to his family, however, and became a well know Quarker, locally. 

The Academy: 
A paragraph on the character?s life during the academy: Richard was actually recruited by the Academy at Hera for Quarkspinning and entered Hera Academy in 494. He excelled at his sport and helped win the TDR Colligiate Quarkspinning championship for the Academy in HD: 497. The travelling entailed in travelling for the 4 years at the academy did require that he remain an extre two years to complete his training. During his tenure at Hera he gained a reputation as an excellent tactician, Once accomplishing the rare feat of taking his objective during a training exercise with zero casulaties. He graduated with a degree in Energy Physics with a minor in applied engineering.

Career History
A paragraph on the character?s life following graduation: Richard attended post academy training at The Hera Ground Combat training Facility on Herr III.

Promotion and Transfer Records
A timeline on the history of the character in a HD: event format

HD: 500.18.05 Graduated from Hera Military Academy, Commission as 2nt Lt Started training at Hera III.
HD: 500:22.11 completed training assigned to the 210th light infantry 10th platoon Thev Spunk & Bloods.
HD: 501.2.10. Deployed with his unit on the Nedesun System Expeditionary Force. Participated in ground rescue operations in the Nedesun system. It was here he faced the Gohorn for the first time. He was at once in awe of and angered by the aggressive nature of the force against the equally aggressive Gohorn. He was reprimanded for slowness in claiming his objective, however that was mitigated by the unusually low loss in his platoon. Was hit by light laser fire and was awarded the purple heart (The mark was later corrected by cosmetic surgery.)
HD: 502.05.05 Promoted to 1st Lt
HD: 502.06.01 Tansferred to the 67th Regiment The First Platoon The Dancing Death 
HD 503.10.11 Deployed in the failed Spider Cluster Consolidation Campaign. He was a standout and met every objective again slower than expected but with far fewer casualties than expected.
HD 504.05.10 Promoted to Captain
HD 505.03.09 Assigned to the 132nd Regiment Deployed on the Destiny Expeditioanary Campaign.

Additional Notes: There is questions briefly about his family's loyaltes as his younger brother "Joe" Josiah McGrath declares that the war is wrong and joins the Terran Peace League and becomes a pastor at the young age of 24. Richard has insisted that he does not agree with his brother's position on the war, but defends his sibling boldly when there is name calling.