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Sabine L'ocean
Age: 34 (appearance 17)

Captain of Cargo Ship "Oiseau"
 (complement maximum 38 people with more space allocated for cargo than living and working space. Usual crew complement: 20.)

Born on Hydrae Prime
Parents: Leon L'ocean -killed three years ago by pirates.
               Sara L'ocean -killed three years ago by pirates.
               Dante L'ocean -Non biological parent. He rides with Sabine from time to time as co-pilot.
The Oiseau brings food and agricultural supplies from Beta Hydrae Prime to __________ Station doing a few days to load and off load at each end plus a slow journey each way which makes for 1 cargo run per 3 week cycle, then one week off per month.

Brother: Stefan (38) who lives on the home planet with his family. He's an owner of a little cafe and isn't involved in the family business. Sabine and he rarely see each other and only communicate via email a few times per year, birthdays and special occasions, and the like.

Sabine is on the more petite end of her race's spectrum. She has long, silvery blue hair (usually worn in one braid down her back or many small braids crowning her head) full, pale lips, large aqua-blue eyes rimmed with long, thick silver eyelashes. Don't let her petite, athletic build fool you; she's muscularly toned and quite fit with a tone to her upper arms, small breasts, a firmness to her round buttocks, and long, toned legs. Her work keeps her healthy.

Sabine is not one who minces words or shies away from topics if they need mentioning. She's known to be very matter of fact, painfully honest...Her candour and lack of formality have cost her relationships on many levels. But, she's a hard worker and hard player too. She's noble of heart, kind when necessary, and to those she trusts she's loyal and fair.

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