Story posting

7 years ago
So, to test story functionality I uploaded a few short stories into a new project I requested. First off a comment;


Now, I am a person who has seen his share of CMS background info, so I am not reluctant to click on a button when I am presented with it. But you might seriously consider toning down the number of options you give participants to specific projects. I got options to add blocks (which in itself might be a bit superfluous). And then I got the option to add anything from text, to templates for new species, vehicles, etc, etc.

Not sure if this is a by-product of us having admin rights, but it might be a good idea to limit the access to blocks in specific projects. People adding to a writing project will likely want to add text. People adding to the knowledge base will want access to templates. I was expecting to be given a page where I could enter a title and then the text for my story. Now I first had to do the metadata, then pick from a long list of blocks (which didn't feel natural to begin with), to then pick the top one and be given a text box. This number of actions required to simply drop text on a page won't keep people present very long...

Aside from that, reading a big wad of text on screen might not be what people want/will do. Maybe limit text to a small quote from the story, then provide a download link to the whole text in PDF or ePUB format? Or does that interfere with the publishing idea?

Lastly, the links to the pages I created didn't work. I could not access my stories from the main menu. I could get the pages in the list, I could get to the text through the editing menu, but I could not simply read the pages.
7 years ago
Thanks Garmt,

So on the last point, that's due to the story being in "draft" mode. Therefore it will only be accessible through your content manager.

Not sure the PDF ePUB format is easily implemented or desirable. I think our hope is to promote heavily each story as its being written and given people fairly open access to them - but it could be worthwhile discussing whether that's the best approach in a Team Meeting.

As mentioned in another post, agree with you if we can contextualise the block options then that will probably simplify matters. The designers have created the steps due to the database requirements, essentially there's a few placeholders that are needed on the database so that it can be correctly allocated and that process is creating some grief.

The reason we've gone with block systems is that it allows maximal flexibility for a single or collaborative writer scenario. By having these blocks, you can within one Chapter clearly identify the parts that were written by different writers without having to create additional pages.

Part of the complexity indeed is due to your statuses as managers. But regardless, at the moment the fastest journey for this is to go Add to Writing Project > Select your Book > Add a Story Block, fill in the details, and then click save and you're done. So we're talking indeed a 5-step process, but with a lot more flexibility than is offered by a simple forum post, but maybe the designers have some ideas to make the process even more streamlined.

Keep the ideas and thoughts coming, it's a useful process!!