Tribute Page for Glenn Gregory

5 years ago
Earlier this year, we were informed that one of our Support Team members, Glenn Gregory, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The New Worlds Project will be deeply sad to lose one of our leaders this year. Glenn has been a mentor to many members of the New Worlds Project, an infatigable writing force, full of imagination.

We have created this tribute thread in order to allow members of the New Worlds Project family to pay their respects and share with his family our love and admiration of him.

Thank you for your words, recollections, and sharing.
5 years ago
It seems like Glenn has always been a part of my life. I guess knowing someone for almost 2 decades is a big chunk of anyone’s life. It make me sad when I think he won’t be around to hang out with. Some of my fondest memories include both Glenn and his wife Dawn playing AD&D. The amazing Wayne Bohrn was the DM (Dungeon Master) and ran us through hell. Literally through hell, to the first plane of hell visiting the almost god like character Wolfen.

It’s funny how some characters take on a life of their own. Glenn’s character Seard is an orphaned Ogre raised by gnomes, but unbeknownst to him he is really a giant gnome from Krynn. Technically that makes him a Mad Gnome from Krynn. So it is no surprise the inventions he creates actually work. Due to his profession he becomes lovingly known as the Tinker. Creating automated gadgets of all types and sizes. Flying daggers to protect you back, automaton squirrels to find lost items or even loved ones.

In many ways this character is the architype for Glenn himself. It seem all the character him played for fixers, in one form or another. In BattleLords of the 23rd Century his character was a Mutzachan, a small inquisitive frail psychic energy-wielding super-geniuses. He was the chief fixer/hacker for High Tech. Gadgets in our group.

Even when Glenn asked me to join a writing class as a part of New World Projects his character was the ultimate troubleshoot/fixer for hire. He put together a group of (dare I say misfits) for a special mission in the Nalnath Cluster. How he pulled it off is still mystifying to me, both in the story and getting all of use to write it.

Now Dawn’s character were almost exclusively the healer. There were a few exceptions but not many. Though if horses could be found her characters soon own a pair. I would label both Glenn’s and Dawn’s character as Chaotic Good. Their character were always a little messy with accountability outside the party, but they always meant well.

I think these characteristics are why they are such a great couple. They accept nothing is perfect in life, but they recognize the good in the world and cherish it. I admire them immensely, their unspoken bond of love for each other has weathered the test of time. Even when they disagree you can sense their respect and care for each other.

I feel truly bless to have them in my life. Without them being a part my own life would not be as rich. From their example I will cherish every moment and memory I have with them.
5 years ago
I never had the pleasure of meeting Glenn in person, but the years that we spent working together on the New Worlds Project will always be very meaningful to me. I will forever be in awe of Glenn's creative spirit, drive, and determination. He helped make something of this idea, stuck with it, and became the backbone of this community long after I wandered off into professional life.

Glenn, New Worlds is as much, perhaps more, yours than it ever has been mine. You have helped create such a rich tapestry of stories and ideas that will continue to live on. My favorite collaboration of ours was in the thread "Waiting for the Dawn," which I revisit frequently and think fondly on. I always got the suspicion that your character in that story, Admiral Arie Van Strand, was a proxy for you; a kind but thoughtful leader, with a strong backbone and nerves of steel. I promise not to tell anyone if you won't. wink

I will miss you greatly, but please know that your memory will continue to live on in these stories and in the impact that you have made on others, especially me. I was a young kid when I started doing this, and your steady guidance and lengthy patience over so many conference calls were an inspiration to me that I try to emulate to this day.

Thank you, Glenn.
5 years ago
“Of my friend Glenn, I can only say this: of all the souls that I met on my travels, his was the most… loyal.... and caring. Some people you never like, some people you kinda like, and some people kinda grow on you after a while... Glenn was none of those. Glenn is one of those people you like right off the bat. Our meeting was most mystical... neither of us quite remember when or how it happened. But happen it did, and my life is the better for it. Some people you are related to because ... well... you don't have a choice. And some people you are related to because... well... you do have a choice. To me, Glenn is a brother, a friend, and a mentor, a fellow imp and strong shoulder whenever I needed one. There is no way I buy into the notion that Glenn is headed for an eternal rest. I know him too well. Here is to you Glenn, I will always be here for you whenever you need a break from the heavenly choir... You can come and visit me anytime. I have several rolls of toilet paper and I know where D. Michael Lives lol
5 years ago
I've been avoiding writing my contribution, in the hopes that not writing it would somehow make the whole thing go away and we could just get on and carry on writing the stories like we used to. I haven't been able to get any sleep and I suspect that thinking of you is making me try to find ways to avoid doing that too because one day more brings you one day closer to your next journey in a life that is beyond our understanding. This website, this Project, it is your legacy, it is our legacy - it is a statement of the wondrous imagination that inhabited you.

Being able to meet you reminded me of the years we spent together, bringing to life a universe that I could never dream would spawn so many stories. Whether it was Patrol, Patrol, or the Blockade, or any of the stories in gestation... The many that I won't have you to help me finish - so many. I was so happy that Richard and Catherine made it possible for me to see your sparkle before it faded forever. That reassuring and soothing voice that has become so familiar that it is like a blanket I've always known was there when needed. What a pleasure to see it connected, and surrounded by the voices of all those who love you so much. I hope that we. in a small way, have now returned the favour.

Writing together brings a very different kind of bonding, it is like a portal into a soul and speaking to it on a whole other level... and I feel like I know your soul most of all because of it. There is not a day that will go by that I will not miss being able to share with you the latest crazy idea or direction I've come up with, knowing that you'd be there to help me take on the next journey. You've been my right hand man, in every sense of the phrase, and not having you around is going to be real tough. But you will live on, through each and every story that you have penned, through this Project that we will keep alive because that is what we promised we would do to remember you.

The world will be a darker place without your presence, but I will do my best to be a worthy disciple. I will endeavour to write the stories we have started, to explore every undiscovered speck of this universe that we have created together, and I just hope that you will be able to rest in peace, knowing that this world will reflect the beautiful soul I met.

I hope your journey's end is as awesome as the journey we've gone on together.
5 years ago
If there is one thing I learned, my lasting happiness is not connected to the things I buy, but the moment of adventure I experience with my friends and loved one. “In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” I have shared a lot of life in the last decade with my friends Glenn and Dawn. Let me share with you one of the latest moment of life with them, so you can understand what I mean.

Adam Burn of the Graphic Design Team donated his time and artistry to create a wonderful picture of the Starport Nuribis' Shoppers Boulevard, a favorite locale for Glenn’s stories. The hope was to have it finished in time so Kim Smouter could deliver it in person. However, not everything works out as planned, and the picture was not ready. Kim arrange to have the image emailed to me and I would get it printed, framed and delivered.

I received the JPG image on Thursday (9 Feb. 2017) at 2:40pm MT. I was off work at 3:00pm, so I headed right over to the print shop, which raised the issue of the size to print it at. That was when I was given some sage advice. “It’s better to get the frame first and print to fit it, than printing it and try to find a frame for it.” Custom frames are expensive.

Fortunately, the store for frames was just a couple of builds down. It was then when my quest began. None of the frames seemed to be in the dimensions I needed (6.67h x 13.33w). It looked like I was getting a custom frame anyway. On the way to the counter for custom frames, I noticed a double picture frame that was the perfect ratio of width & height. It was a frame to displaying two photos. I could remove the mat for the double photo and I would be in business.

Now with the frame in hand, I returned to the printer shop and they print out the image on a silk finish stock on their professional banner printer. The only printer they had that would print it to the size I needed. Having paid for the picture and frame, I quick stopped at home and installed the picture. Finished product in hand, I headed to Glenn's & Dawn's place to deliver it.

It was perfect timing as they had just started working on their taxes. Boring! So my arrival gave them a much needed break from number crunching. At just about 5:40pm MT, Glenn had the artwork in hand, and I took the photo of him holding it. From the time I received the image, to when Glenn had the artwork in hand, only 3 hours had gone by.

I kind of felt it was meant to be, because everything went so smoothly. Especially with all the obstacles I had to overcome. I was very fortunate to find the perfect frame and then have a printer large enough to print it. Not only did everything go smoothly, but I save a lot of money by not needing a custom frame. I expected to spend at least $80-$160 for it.

Higher forces must have been involved and they wanted to make sure Glenn received it while he could still appreciate it. There is no way in hell, I'm that efficient. To top it off, the total price was less than $40.00. What can I say, when both places found out what it was for, I received 1/3 off the price. The $30 frame became $19.57 (that with sales tax included). The initial quote for the printing was quoted at $30-$50 but ended only costing $19.93 (once again that included sales tax.) At each place I dropped a $20 bill and received change. So like I said, “less than $40.00.” I’ll tell you right now, the way Glenn lit up when he saw it, it would have been worth it at any cost.

It was a wonderful uplifting experience. I was on cloud nine the whole time I was with Glenn. It was like time had turned back, and he was his old self again. I know it's not true, but damn, it felt good. That's the memory I'll carry with me of him. That moment added life to our years. How better can it get?

Thank you Adam and Kim for letting me be a part of that. I just wish both of you could have been here to experience it. Hopefully, my sharing of this story helps you realize just how special your gift was.