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Forest of Harmony (O.I.P. Home), Narimbar II (505.06.03: 3rd June 2505) - The Architect Government has, without surprise, endorsed the findings of the Report on Elevated Incidents of Racially-Motivated Hate Crimes on Starport Nuribis.

The Architect Government has expressed its intentions to push through the OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee a new ban on OIP starports of starships originating from a nation involved in warfare.

The Architect government's position comes in the wake of the Luna Minoris Confederacy's own declared joint position which likewise endorsed the findings of the report.

The Architect government was amongst the first to express a readiness to confirm the report's validity, a real departure from the Architect government's usual silence on issues concerning the major powers.
It is a fundamental shift of approach from the Architect government, it early on expressed an independent view point in favour of a what could be considered a fairly biased report. I think the approach is already leading to a different result - the LMC adopted its joint position very rapidly, for example, and other openly neutral states within the OIP are taking notice of this. The Architects have always been viewed as a sort of moral conscience of the OIP, and they're voice commands respect,
a specialist on OIP matters explained.

A number of governments have expressed their intentions to lobby in favour of the report within the Grand Assembly - though this would only happen if the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee wouldn't agree to the findings.

If enough of the neutral states rally around the report, there is a good chance the report will pass through the Committee without having to resort to a full General Assembly meeting.

The Rosebourg Monarchy is still on the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee, but the Terrans and the Gohorns have long pulled out amidst fears that they would be censured. The Monarchy's involvement in the war has been negligible up to a few months ago when the Rosebourg participation did sensitively increase. The Monarchy is thus in a minority position,
A diplomat explained.

The Architect government is resolved to see this happen, a number of delegations have been invited to the Architect Embassy to the OIP in order to discuss the report.

The PeaceForce Appropriations Committee will be meeting in several days - the report has been placed at the top of the agenda.

There are number of options open to the Committee, it can chose to reject summarily the report's recommendations, it can chose to adopt the recommendations and implement them as part of the Operative Orders of the OIP Starports, or it can chose to adopt some of the recommendations.

There is high hopes amongst the NGOs who co-authored the report that it will be wholly accepted rather than rejected.

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