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Intergalactic Office of Investigation (New York), Earth (505.12.20: 20th December 2505) - The prized science vessel known as the Botany Bay has officially been entered as "MISSING" after they failed to make their last Base-to-Base transmission to their superiors, which was scheduled almost a week ago.

Details of the trip the crew was on is unfortunately classified but we have found from un-named sources that they were to travel to an area of space that is barely on the map. System 04789.AG.45, known by Popular Society as "The Void"

The Director of Governmental Science, Admiral Amir Derakh, has issued a brief statement. During a press release yesterday afternoon which he took the time for despite the fact that we are embroiled in much more sensitive matters.



Do we have any word or idea on what may have happened to the Botany Bay?

At this time we have received no word, distress signal or otherwise.

There are rumors that the piece of ship debris found by the search party had part of the Botany Bay's name on it.

There was a section of hull recovered floating on the outer rim of the system, but it is unclear what, if anything, was written on it as the section was burned badly.

What is currently being done in the search effort?

Our offices are working around the clock schedule a search map to follow but if we find nothing as of tomorrow we will have no choice but to cancel the searches and label the Botany Bay as "Lost"


We at the Galatic News feel deeply saddened by the loss of such a promising crew and send the best wishes to their families and pray for their survival.

Among the crew listed as missing - - - -

Captain Jason Mancini

Dr. Lily Hurstbourne

Dr. Safiri Jensen

Dr. Vane Atonis

Dr. Chancellor Fallon

Dr. Shankara Phailon

Sir Maximus Phailon.

a full list if available on the HCOM channells at GNN.net//baylist.htm

Reported by: Chad Berkowitz
[Submitted by Shankara Phailon]
Posted on: Earth Galactic News Network
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