10 Jan 2016    Richard Hawkins
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What the Gohorn sacrifices in fighting for his people, the female sacrifices in fighting to maintain this people. The Gohorn shows heroism on the battlefield, the caretakers show it in eternal patient devotion, in ever patient sorrow and endurance.
— Klaxon
High Command, Supreme leader, 1st Circle, Red Slash, Tar-chuk Gohorn's Tribe of the Steel Hammer

In happy times, days of respite like Ramadma or el-ed are high points. In graver times when the fate of an entire Gohorn brood hangs in the balance, they are an occasion for looking back and looking ahead. Only weak people will fall into lame sentimentality or be tempted by hopeless self-pity. Others find occasion to catch their breath, to find clear, solid knowledge that they can use to give them new courage to go on with their labors. But we should not forget that these holidays even during war bring joy and strength. A war Ramadma is not a new thing to those of us who are older. We have experienced it before, those grave but unforgettable Ramadmas that brought the homeland and the front together in unbreakable community. Ramadma, that is the festival of many lights.

During war, it is the festival of lights for all who are of the same nature, the same blood. It is the community of Gohorns; particularly now as we all stand before unprecedented change, a time of renewal, of youth, of the eternity of our Brood.

Our enemies have often said openly that they look for victory not in honest fighting on the battlefield, but rather in a war of annihilation against the core of our national being, against our offspring. They may have hunger written on their battle flags, but these methods they used against us before hold no terror for us, for we are prepared. What is behind those threats is more serious. The implacability of our enemies in UPP and above all in Plicer (contested planet) is best understood when one realizes that their populations are declining. They face a Gohorn whose population is so strong they dare not attack it with arms. They hope that by prolonging the war, by blockades and starvation, they can exert pressure on the Gohorn life will. These shrinking peoples use poisoned weapons to fight the new, healthy Gohorn growth, a Gohorn they believed they had dealt with in the Treaty of Peace by senselessly taking its territory in the hopes of cutting off Gohorn’s life.

The success or failure of the enemy’s devilish plans depends on the Gohorn ability to care for our offspring, on our will to sacrifice and on our love for our broods. And let us remember that life keeps going, and breaks through the barriers that stand in its way. Is not the continuing expansion of Gohorn territory new proof for the eternal law that life finds its way?

That is the question that is before us. The only answer is this: A military or political victory over our foreigners would be only half the battle, and could not guarantee Gohorn's future or the High Command, Supreme leader, 1st Circle, Red Slash, Tar-chuk Gohorn's Tribe of the Steel Hammer’s work. The decisive factor is the victory of life. And that is in the hands of our nurseries.
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