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High House of Policy (Imyt), Luna Minoris (504.08.07: 8th July 2504) - TPINS in association with Leethra Interplanetary News has learned from sources inside of The Luna Minoris Government, that arrangements have been made to begin third tier talks between The Gohorn Directorate and Terran-Rosebourg Alliance.

The official speaking under agreement of anonymity said, "It is of course a small measured step, the invitees are lower level diplomats and officials, but often this is where the greater things start. It is good to know that the parties are at least talking."
This is seen as diplomatic coup for the Taurii countering the criticisms that the LMC is long on words and short on action.

The meetings are to take place on the Taurii Homeworld and TPINS will have a team there to break any news coming from the meetings.

A representative of the TDR said that there was little hope of anything coming from the meeting but the TDR has agreed to send a delegation.

"It's a long shot, but The TDR is always ready to give peace a shot." Third Secretary Cynthia Latu said.

Currently, a time and date waits on The Gohorns and The Rosebourgs to send delegates. Both of those parties had no comment at this time.

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