23 Nov 2014    New Worlds Project
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Botanical Planet Spa (Starport Nuribis Shoppers' Boulevard), Narimbar IV (506.04.11: 11th April 2506) - Government Officials, Ambassadors of Several Different Nations were among those who attended the ground-breaking of Botanical Planet Spa on the Nuribis.

With hover-cam crews from various entertainment news network in tow, Ms. Velvet Deancer, Owner and CEO of Botanical Planet Spa and Mr. Montgomery Walker, Senior Vice President of Terran Publishing Inc. and son of Geoffrey Walker arrived by hover limo and arm and arm walked down the red carpet to a podium close enough for groups of gawking tourist to get a good look at the newly acquire developers. In the VIP area, guest were served hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.

This is a great tribute to the Nuribis. This resort will go up on a 40 acre parcel behind the Kinesio Gardens and is centrally located to Shoppers Boulevard.
Mr. Walker said of this TDR Credits 55 million resort.

Ms. Deancer also confirmed that private villas will be available for those who love the game of golf.

Deancer's business partner, the characteristically publicity-shy Dominque Leguiz, who owns Leguiz Construction Company, faced the cameras with this years winner of Miss Terran Dem. Republic.
I am very happy that Velvet took this on. I know this project is going to be a huge success.
Leguiz said.

The spa resort is three months in the making. In true Deancer fashion, the resort will be outfitted with 24 carat gold glass and Monarchy crystalline floors. Other features include private spas in each room, fitness centre, salon, indoor and outdoors private pools, bar, business centre, and restaurant.
Ms. Linsey Collier of Collier Design said, accompanied by Mr. Wilson Kroger.

We have also added 6 acres of garden under glass, that will house the many rare plants we have acquire.
Mr. Kroger of Archi Courses said of the golf course.

Sales for the 60 private villas officially began today, when the $1 million sales office complete with white leather chairs and brass finishes--opens to the public at the corner of Brahmans and 4th Street.

In an interview, Deancer said her spa has become the definitive spa investment in a market where smaller developers may end up bowing out.
You're not going to see a lot of these built around here, Botanical Planet Spa will blow your very being away. We will be the best and no one is going to stop us.
Deancer added.

Together, Deancer, Walker and Leguiz have invested, "tens of millions" of seed money into the project, said Jack Mirror, a private consultant of the project and is a minor partner in the project. It is a small fraction of the projects entire cost. But it's enough to demonstrate a significant vote of confidence for Nuribis, observers say.

Deputy-Ambassador Amariah of Rosebourg Monarchy remarked,
I've known of Ms. Deancers interest in developing this spa for along time, but we didn't know whether it was real or not, and with Walker supporting both of their names alone is enough to generate significant interest in the project? Now she is putting her very own money into it... it is well worth the wait.
Deputy-Ambassador Amariah said

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